Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Menya Shinchan @ Robertson Quay

Right after eating pizza, pasta and a big plate of salad, Camemberu, Southernoise and I went on to have ramen. This was to be the 'pig-out' thingy. Eaten from shop to shop. But we realise we do not have the big appetite as we think we had. LOL...

We walked round the corner to Menya Shinchan. This little Japanase eatery is known for its 'home-made' noodles. This shop is kinda hidden, so you might take some time to find it. Look for this sign.

The moment you are seated, they serve you a nice warm towel. How nice ya!

If you read about them at this site, you can see that they really take ramen making very seriously and considers it an art.

This is what I had. The Miso Pork Mayu.

Whilst many other ramen has very salty broth, this one is different though. It's not salty at all. (Hmm we wonder if salt's missing on purpose or accidently, we shall try again next time to see if it's meant to be like that. ) It has a rich broth though.

The hand made noodles.

Camemberu had the Salty Pork Mayu. It looks almost similar to the one I have, except that when you stir it, it's not so dark.

Southernoise had the Salty Pork with the 'extra oil' option. When asked what's the oil, we were told lard oil. You should have seen the glee on Southernoise's face when he said yes!

The 'pig-out' ended here. LOL. Stomach's not flexible, young and elastic as before for me.

Menya Shinchan Japanese Noodle Restaurant
30 Robertson Quay,
#01-05 Riverside View,
Singapore 238251.

Tel: 6732-0114

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Kenny Mah said...

I love that - "Ramen is art" - you have to respect people who take their food seriously. :)

alicesg said...

Lard Oil? No thanks for me.

Amigo said...

Mind telling roughly hw much a bowl? Walked past that restaurant before and left a lasting impression. thanks :)


His Food Blog said...

Wah! You guys can really eat.

Been waiting to try out this place - is it any good? The 'extra oil' sounds like its an option made for me, haha!

red fir said...

This is the best place for ramen in Singapore. :)

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Wah lau! Lard oil! Yummmyyyy!!

southernoise said...

you guys are so efficient! pro food bloggers! I don't even have time to edit the photos for da mario! haiyorrrrr....

Camemberu said...

heh our photos look so alike! lol

ohhh, was our stuff called mayu? I thought it was pork bone broth with scorched sesame and garlic oil thingamajig.

Jazzy said...

keropok, i'll put this restaurant in my address book, definitely will have to dine there once i visit Singapore.

Scenes in Singapore life said...

Real nice find. After the first visit when my wife at the black sesame, we now always order the Shinjiro...a true benchmark. Huge portion, nice noodles, lotsa vegs and beautiful broth.


HairyBerry said...

just came from camemberu's.

I DIE-DIE ALSO MUST TRY!!! hehehe...

Unknown said...

lard oil. Not an option for me. Their shinjiro sounds good. Will try it ! Thanks for the review. :D

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