Monday, November 17, 2008

Da Mario Pizzeria @ Robertson Quay

Camemberu, Southernoise and I finally went for our mini pig out session on Saturday. This was planned a few months ago, but we were always not free or around on Saturdays.

Last Saturday, we all made an effort to clear all appointments and met up for our 'makan' session. This place's chosen because of a recommendation by NinjaHK. This place is think is also one regular reader of this blog, 'ice' had an 'interesting' discussion before. ;-)

A very simple looking shop named after the owner/chef.

The deep fried calamari was the first to come out. $14. It's coated and deep fried with a batter that's a little different, more crispy. It goes well with the tartare sauce and lemon.

It did reminded me of the spanish calamari I had last month in Spain. It's a tad of extra saltiness that makes it nice I suppose ;-)

The Italian Antipasto. $30.
We ordered this to try the Parma Ham Melon ;-) It comes with olives, caprese salad & grilled vegetables.

It's delicious I tell you.

For the pizza, we asked the waiter for their recommendation. We were told this Rustica Pizza $18 is a popular choice. It's made of tomato, cheese, Italian pork sausages and button mushroom.

This piece is going into my mouth.

Asked about their pasta, their recommendation for pasta is Spaghetti al Cartoccio. $22
It's spaghetti with saute squids, scallops, prawns, clams and mussels in light tomato sauce, garlic and white wine. It's bagged by the way. I like this.

This is the tiramisu that Chef Mario gave as complimentary because of an 'incident'.
Read about it at Camemberu's blog.

Might come back to try other things. We only ate 4 things out of the menu. ;-)

Da Mario Pizzeria
60 Robertson Quay
#01-10 The Quayside
Singapore 238252

Tel: 6235 7623
Open Tue to Sun: 12noon - 3pm, 6pm - 10.30pm (closed Mondays)

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Kenny Mah said...

Yes, I read about the 'accident' at Camemberu's blog earlier. I think it's really classy and good customer service to give the diner(s) a complimentary dessert. Well done!

southernoise said...

When is we goings again? hur hur hur... I wanna go there again and again and be on first name basis with teh chef!

KopiKosongGirl said...

I want to eat that Parma Ham Melon and Spaghetti al Cartoccio :P

dilutedmagnetics said...

You call this a pig-out? I expected you guys to eat the whole shop! LOL! Anyway, the parma ham thing looks really delish :)

red fir said...


You should try the white pizza bianca next time. :) I love food that come in bags too lol.

HairyBerry said...

when is your next outing??? wanna join lar. :)

Camemberu said...

Yums! Let's go again! Just nothing with mussels this time! lol

Yes, Nic, come and join us lah!!!

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