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Epicurean Market @ Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Today's the last day if you would like to enjoy a day out nibbling away food from different stalls, or attending informative workshop and masterclasses at the MBS Epicurean Market.

For most Singaporeans, you would be familiar with IT or PC Shows. Imagine instead of the big banners of Canon, HP, Dell, you have Celebrity Chefs posters and their restaurant names filling the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre. The space is big, so you won't get squeezed like in the IT Shows.

First of all, congratulations again to those who the tickets and vouchers to the Epicurean Market Giveaway last month. Hope you enjoy it!

Epicurean Market @ MBS

Yesterday, I was excited as I got of the taxi stand at the MBS Convention Centre. I was planning to visit the Brioche class that's presented by the Executive Pastry Chef from CUT, Chef Jen Shen.

Masterclasses and Workshops

Epicurean Market @ MBS
Here she is, Chef Jen demonstrating how to make Brioche right in front of us.

After the demo, I know why many people rather buy Brioche rather than make it themselves, it's so tedious to make it, it takes about 2-3 days with the resting of the dough before we get to eat it!

Chef Jen's quite entertaining and quite witty too. It was a good session. If only she would give us the full recipe to their Brioche!

Epicurean Market @ MBS

Chef Jen said that they use 2 different type of yeasts in their Brioche recipe, one of it is this wet yeast. Chef Jen's nice that she passes samples of the ingredients around, so that the audience can all smell it. Oh, it smells so 'sour'. Give it time and feed it to the dough, it will turn into something smelling so good!

Epicurean Market @ MBS

This was the dough that's to be rested over night before it can be used. It already smells sweeter and it was such a soft dough.

Epicurean Market @ MBS

For demo purposes, they had a batch of dough they made they day before and we were shown how this Brioche master recipe can be turned into different yummy stuff.

The above were the doughnuts. The master dough also be made into buns for the sliders and Chef Jen made some Brioche loaves too.

Epicurean Market @ MBS

I was secretly excited that we were told we get to try out the Sticky Rolls. The above is  different types of sugar and molasses that was going into the making of the sticky rolls. A very sweet mixtures of 4 different types of sugars and Vietnamese cinnamon that smells so divine. Yes, Americans love it really sweet!

Epicurean Market @ MBS

Ooo... what a happy sight! Ready for baking! Doesn't it already look tempting?

Epicurean Market @ MBS

Yes, freshly made Sticky Rolls, baked in the ovens behind where Chef Jen was standing.
Yes, I love sweet stuff and this was divine.
(If you don't like sweet stuff, you will cough and choke with the sugar haha)

Celebrity Chefs Area

Epicurean Market @ MBS

At the Celebrity Chef Area, huge-bigger than life posters of the Celebrity Chefs who have their restaurants in MBS popping up at the Celebrity Chef area. This seems to be the most packed area of the Convention Centre. We were seeing queues everywhere!

Epicurean Market @ MBS
The db Bistro Moderne's 'stall'.

Epicurean Market @ MBS
See who's cooking! Chef Daniel Boulud himself. The sous chef on the left was shouting an impromptu dish. "Anyone wants Truffle Scrambled Eggs cooked by Chef Daniel for $30?" Oh.. look at the hands that went up!

Epicurean Market @ MBS
I was intrigued by Chef Jen's demo, so this was the CUT stall.

Epicurean Market @ MBS
The Wagyu Sliders for $5. Do you want some too?

Epicurean Market @ MBS
The "Loius", which is crab meat starter. $3.
It's tasty and refreshing!

I also bought some large cookies, a combination of it for $6.

Other Areas:

Epicurean Market @ MBS

There are also many stalls around that usually do not have 'shops' outside, they are the suppliers to many restaurants in Singapore. Giorgio Ferrari is one of them. Camemberu was with me and HungryCow and she recommended that we should try the stuff from this supplier!

Epicurean Market @ MBS
They have a quite nice slab of Saga-Gyu for only $10. We earlier bought CUT's version of it with sauces and dips to go with it, but this is for those who likes pure meat.

Epicurean Market @ MBS
A delicious slab of Japanese Saga-Gyu for $10 and only with salt and pepper after grilling. It's a nice find in the midst of hundreds of stalls!

Oh, their Italian Gelato is delicious too! A scoop for only $3.

Epicurean Market @ MBS

We were walking around and we saw that Swiss Butchery had a stall selling sausages. Oh yummy! $3 for a sausage. We shared 3 different kinds of sausages!

Epicurean Market @ MBS

At the other end of the Convention Centre, there are also stalls selling lots of Frozen Goods. You might want to check it out and compare prices if you are cooking at home for the coming Lunar New Year.

If you would like to go, click on to Marina Bay Sands website for more details.

Epicurean Market
Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre
10 Bayfront Ave
Singapore 018956

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