Monday, April 22, 2013

Din Tai Fung @ Junction 8, Bishan

One of those nights, date night and run errands night. The 2 should not mix, but we are all in a hurry. We both know we have to get stuff, pay bills, change foreign currency (Euro and Pounds) and we were very hungry.

Thanks to the Circle Line, (both our work places are both on different parts of the Circle Line) so we said, let's go to a mall on that line! Somehow we decided on Junction 8. We got off the train and thought of a place that has a relative short queue to eat.

Some how, it ended up at Din Tai Fung, because it's quick and we like their food. Not the usual branch we visit, since it's far from home, but food was good, but they did forget to key in one of our dishes though. Food was relatively good and served rather quickly too.

Din Tai Fung @ Junction 8, Bishan

The wife's favourite soup at Din Tai Fung. The Braised Beef Soup without noodles. Yes, the non-carbo soup. The beef chunks are always looking perfectly whole, yet when you bite it, it's so tender and it's as if it can dissolve in your mouth.

The Taiwanese style of Beef Soup, fragrant and a hints of spices.

Din Tai Fung @ Junction 8, Bishan

A little carbo in the form of delicious prawns wontons. I ordered it because of the spicy vinegarish sauce that comes with it. Something both of us like very much.

Din Tai Fung @ Junction 8, Bishan

A relatively 'safe' side dish of pickled vegetables. The 'kiam chai' has been soaked and not salty anymore but still has the nice crunch to it.

Din Tai Fung @ Junction 8, Bishan

Our order that was forgotten to be keyed in and did not arrived till the end of our meal when we asked. The lady who took our orders remembered us ordering it but realised it was not entered into the order system. She was very apologetic and we said it's ok.

We always order this when we are at Din Tai Fung in any country! There's a little bit of difference we noticed. The one that has the 'Michelin' Star in HK does taste better!

Din Tai Fung @ Junction 8, Bishan

We thought we would not eat Xiao Long Bao that night, but we still ordered it. Why? We have no idea, we always say we shall eat other things before we walk into the restaurant, but always still end up ordering it!

A quick Chinese Food date night meal. After a quick meal, we rushed to change money for we were going to Europe and that was the only night left that we are free before we flew off!

Din Tai Fung
9 Bishan Place
#01-41 Junction 8 Shopping Centre
Singapore 579837

Tel: +65 6356 5228

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