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Lipton Pop-up High Tea Bar @ Plaza Singapura

If you are a tea-drinker in Singapore, here's something that might just interest you. Lipton has created a world-first pop up High Tea Bar here in Singapore at Plaza Singapura.

Lipton Pop-up High Tea Bar

I was there earlier tonight (at their kind invitation) and thought it was rather interesting. Why?

Lipton Pop-up High Tea Bar

It was interesting because we were pairing tea with food. Different types of teas and different types of food. We all know taste is a very subjective matter, so why try it out and see if it works for you.

The poster above says keep an open mind, and really you need to do it. Dennis (Superadrianme) and Derrick (SgFoodOnFoot) and I were really playing with our taste buds and other sensory like smell and sight. We had all the different kinds of tea and food and it was like a lab experiment.

Close your eyes, smell the tea, the food, eat something then drink, drink something then eat, a big mouth of tea, a sip of tea, leave the tea bags longer, take it out for a mild brew, etc.

Lipton Pop-up High Tea Bar

Yup, that's how one side of the pop-up High Tea Bar looks like. There are also bar stools and a 'garden' area!

Lipton Pop-up High Tea Bar

That's a nice cuppa don't you think? Who here grew up drinking the good old Yellow Label Lipton?
Lipton has partnered with Canele and got their Executive Pastry Chef Christophe Grilo to come up with six tea sets paired with Canele Patisserie Chocolaterie's sweet and savoury items. Lipton had their Unilever Food Technologist, Miss Wong May Chee to work with Chef.

(We had a short conversation with Miss Wong, and she knows a lot about tea!)

Lipton Pop-up High Tea Bar

The familiar aromatic Lipton Yellow Label Tea has been paired with Lemon Macarons specially made for the Lipton High Tea Bar.

Play time! 

Try it by having some tea, then take a bite of the macaron. Try it again with both macaron and tea in your mouth. See if your taste buds tells your brains different things. Do you feel that the tea becomes smoother? The sweetness of the macarons and unsweetened tea fuses and releases a different taste?

Lipton Pop-up High Tea Bar

Of course Information Technology - IT (yup, that's what I do in my day job) does makes this whole experience more fun. Without software engineers building programs, can't imagine us living in the modern world right?

The mechanics of the High Tea Set Redemption: Members of public can enjoy a complimentary Lipton High Tea set with mimimum spend of S$25 at Plaza Singapura or S$15 worth of Lipton products at the Lipton High Tea Bar.

Lipton Pop-up High Tea Bar

The fun starts when you choose one of the 6 High Tea sets. There's a huge touch screen where you order.

Lipton Pop-up High Tea Bar

If no one's behind you, play around with the software, I mean place your orders.
You confirm your orders all on the touch screen.

Lipton Pop-up High Tea Bar

Over at the order taking side, when you confirm your order, they know what you order and give you a 'number'. Bring that to your seat and they will deliver your High Tea Set very soon.

Lipton Pop-up High Tea Bar

Derrick, Dennis and I were later joined by Adrian and William. Since we were a big group, we sat at the 'garden' area. (yes, with faux grass some more and a rabbit!) Err, yes, we were imagining we were at a picnic, because we sat under a big brolly!

Lipton Pop-up High Tea Bar

There are 6 Lipton High Tea sets to choose from. 3 sets are only available at the Lipton High Tea Bar. The other 3 sets, you can order them if you visit Canele.

This was the Lipton Forest Fruit Tea with Chicken Mini Burger. The tea is a blend of strawberry, raspberry, redcurrant, blackberry and cherry. Pair that with poached chicken served with tomatoes, fresh lettuce, mayo and brioche.

Now, if you are like 'Da Chang Jin', you should be able to imagine the taste in your mind. Can you?

Lipton Pop-up High Tea Bar

Lemon Macarons!! Only at the High Tea Bar.  I did walk to Canele to 'steal a look' and I don't see this there.

Lipton Pop-up High Tea BarLipton Pop-up High Tea Bar

Left: Traditional Salmon and Cucumber Sandwich.
Right: Le Chocolat Croustillant.

Lipton Pop-up High Tea BarLipton Pop-up High Tea Bar

Left: Classic Cheesecake
Right: Chestnut Cassis Sponge Cake.

Note: They are not all very big servings, let's just say it won't make you put on too much weight. The main thing is to tea and food pairing. Taste it.

Lipton Pop-up High Tea Bar

Some of the tea boxes that you can purchase at the pop up store. That's the Forest Fruit that's paired with the Chicken Mini Burger. The good old Yellow Label goes well with the lemon macarons.

The Russian Earl Grey is a special collection. What do you think it should be paired with? The traditional Salmon and cucumber sandwich, Chestnut Cassis Sponge Cake, Classic Cheesecake or Le Chocolat Croustillant?

Why not try it yourself if you can't decide which tea goes with what food?

Lipton High Tea Bar
Plaza Singapura, Main Atrium
68 Orchard Road
Singapore 238839

It's only popping up from 16 to 21 April 2013.
Hours: 11 am to 9 pm daily. (Last orders at 8.30 pm)

Spend a minimum of $25 at Plaza Singapura or $15 worth of Lipton products in a single receipt is entitled to 1 Lipton High Tea Set.  Redemption is only valid on day of purchase. Each customer is entitled to one redemption a day.

I say, go shopping or lunch with your friend or friends and make sure everyone has a $25 receipt or just go buy $15 worth of tea. Then each of you have a different set and play with your food, I mean taste buds! Enjoy Tea and Food Pairing!

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