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SG Memory Bank - Your contribution to 'i remember sg' will last a long time....

National Day is almost here. We can't help but think of the current Singapore, those who have made Singapore what it is, and also the future generations. Do you want to be part of those who will save our memories for the future generations?

Let me introduce you to the Singapore Memory Project (SMP). It's a nationwide movement that aims to capture and document precious moments and memories related to Singapore, Singaporeans as well as organisations, companies, associations and groups.

One of the current initiative of the Singapore Memory Project is the SG Memory Bank Facebook App. Using the App, you can easily deposit your photo memories using your existing photos using a social media tool that you are familiar with, Facebook!


Photos contributed will be able to be viewed by others and inspire them to submit too. Also, if you submit more than 30 photos, you also stand to win $200 worth of vouchers weekly. So load up the photos that you have!

I was recently looking at some old photos and I thought I will love to share them with others too. I shall refrain from posting photos of the exact dish I ate, but some of the places I have been that's food related and also Singapore's National Day.

Here are some of the photos I loaded.
Some photos of the NUS Arts Canteen of yesteryears!


The NUS "Heaven, Earth and Hell" Arts canteen!
Those of you who have studied in NUS in that era will know why it's heaven, earth and hell!
I love those brick pillars!

The current Arts canteen is totally revamped and is Singapore's first eco food court.


Ah.... the mad queues at the Arts Canteen. It was so so hot at times, but people still love that canteen. I remember this area was always so jam packed! Anyone remembers what stores were at this row? 

Even non NUS folks will come here to eat! DanielFoodDiary dropped a note on my Instagram that he will travel from NTU to NUS to eat. Hmmm it's Arts Canteen, so I wonder if he's here only for the food. haha....


The fruits and drinks stall at the 1st stall was always so popular too!
Hidden behind the pillars and walls, was the super long queue Char Kway Teow stall!


I loaded also some Singapore Food Festival photos from the year 2005!

That's a long long time ago eh? It's so different from the ones we have these few years at Reed Bridge at Clarke Quay.  The 2005 Singapore Food Festival was at Bugis Junction.


These few weekends has been the National Day Parade rehearsals.
I have these 2007 NDP photos too! These were in Suntec, and Suntec of today is totally changed!


I love this photo! So neat and smart on escalators!
Were you there too?

Photos to bring back lots of memories. Do you have some photos to share with others and make them last for a long time?

Head on to the SG Memory Bank Facebook App now. View what others have loaded. Load some photos yourself too! If you load photos, you get a change to win $200 worth of vouchers weekly too!

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