Saturday, December 23, 2006

Sarawak Kolo Mee

Yesterday, our colleague was somewhere in Jurong East, and asked if we wanted to eat Sarawak Kolo Mee, he will 'ta pow' for us.

Of course we want to try. Kolo Mee is like a seasonal fad now. Everywhere there are Sarawak Laksa and Sarawak Kolo Mee stalls popping out.

This is the Jurong East stall, near the POSB. We have a resident Sarawakian in our office who can tell the authenticity of the food. He says this one taste authentic enough.

This is how it looks before the package is open.

To us, it taste quite good. But the next few hours, we were drinking lots of water. You get the hint! haha... But it's good. Similar to the ones I tried in Kuching.

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Anonymous said...

Allo, Just wondering how is Sarawak Kolo Mee different from the regular char siew wanton mee (besides no wanton)?

Unknown said...

the noodles. they are very springy.

it's just the everyday noodles they eat in Sarawak. that's why it is similar to the char siew wantan mee here. just like the Bubble Tea fad, this noodles is enjoying that moment now. haha... i think everyone else will go back to their regular noodles after a while..

tigerfish said...

hey, i think i saw a kolo mee stall along killiney before. wonder if it's sarawa kolo mee. The package looks a bit like traditional wonton mee packaging(many years ago, wonton mee or mee pok packed in small plastic bags used for kopi "take-away"? just that this one got no red string...?)

Ming the Merciless said...

What is the regular Singapore noodle? How is that different from the Kuching kolo mee??

Unknown said...


Today, we had Kolo Mee again, it's along Upper Bukit Timah Road. Not sure about the one in Killiney. Yeah, this one had no red string. hehe..

Hmm regular Singapore noodles, is the noodles that people eat in Singapore and Malaysia. Kolo Mee is springy, and very curly. The one I had today for lunch is supposedly imported into Singapore from Kuching.

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