Thursday, December 14, 2006

KR50 - Seafood Linguine - Oriental Duck Confit

We had 5 of us. We ordered 3 Linguine and 2 Duck Confit.

Seafood Linguine - $16

A colleague who ate this says its really good. The other do not like it.

Oriental Duck Confit - $22

The duck's prepared really well. I like the duck. Not everyone prepares duck well. They did. I would have preferred more veggies. I am not a mash person, so if there was a choice to have whole potatoes, I would be very happy.

Total Bill: $134.20 (incl of 10% Service Charge)

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Anonymous said...

i heard that the exec chef of kr50 is from raffles hotel

Unknown said...


oh.... do you frequent there often? have not been there since the opening!

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