Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas Dinner: Shepherds Pie

Home made Shepherd's Pie.

Sister and I made this. It's not that difficult to make. It's not those with the innards. It's a healthy and localised version of it. It also had a very very local twist. Guess what it is?

Singapore beer, Tiger Beer is used. haha... The mash potatoes on top is also made from scratch. Russet potatoes, boiled, mashed and mixed with butter and a tiny amount of salt. The filling is made from Weight Watchers mince (haha!!) and mix veg. Maybe the next time, we shall use meat chunks and leek. Maybe it will taste even better. :-)

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tigerfish said...

Unheathly version always taste better! Hahahha...
But I think this looks delicious enough.

Unknown said...

Yeah man, unhealthy things like oily hawker food taste fab!

Proud to say this dish taste quite good. This picture is the extra small tray, We made another huge set that was served to the guest. That fed around 30 people that night.

Anonymous said...

Can I go to your Christmas party next year? All the food look so appetizing! I love the pattern you made on the top of the potatoes. Shows you got an artistic flair.

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