Friday, December 15, 2006

Desserts: Sun with Moon - Tofu Cheesecake

Desserts at Sun with Moon, Wheelock Place.

How interesting to see this tofu cheesecake comes in a cage with a paper crane folded.

Now, here's the cheesecake. The crane's preparing to fly away...

This Tofu cheesecake is very very good. I have tried it many times, and still come back to have it :-)

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Anonymous said...

Looks so good! Could you taste the cheese ? Or is 100% tofu ?
How much for this piece ?

Unknown said...

Its a nice blend of cheese and tofu. Neither is too overpowering.

It's SGD5 for a piece.

NaNiNaNi said...

Hi I've tried a Tofu Cheesecake from They have various flavors too. Like the Strawberry, Avocado and Orange..

NaNiNaNi said...

Hi I tried another Tofu Cheesecake from They have other flavors too like Avocado, Orange, Strawberry.. Depends which type of cake you choose, can cost about $1.50 per pc. But have to get whole cake loh.

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