Tuesday, August 17, 2010

7th Storey Hainan Cafe @ IMM

This was dinner at 7th Storey Hainan Cafe. If you are wondering, it's related to the 7th Storey Restaurant at Marina Barage, it is. The branch at IMM is the 'Hainan Cafe' of the group.

The following were what we ordered from the "Hainan Specialties" in their menu.


Soy Chicken Rice. ($4.90)  Our aunt and uncle had one serving each. They seemed to enjoy it. It does look tasty eh?

We requested that we did not want the breast portion of the meat, they told us it will be $1 extra, so we paid $5.90 for each serving.

7th Storey Hainan Cafe


I had their Chicken Curry with Rice ($4.90)
The curry had thick coconut milk. If you like your curry with lots of 'santan', you will like it. I like my curry thick  with lots of coconut milk. ;-)

7th Storey Hainan Cafe

They know that curry lovers will wallop the curry up with lots of rice, so the rice portion they served was huge! It's not the small bowl of rice, it has the same bowl size as the curry. Carbo overload!

7th Storey Hainan Cafe


Momo ordered the Mutton Soup. ($5.90)
I 'upgraded' her order to set ($7.90 instead) so that it includes a bowl of rice and hainan chup chye.

I never like mutton soup as it 'smells' to me. But Momo loved it, she finished every drop of soup!
Momo said the mutton soup here was nice. Hmmm....

7th Storey Hainan Cafe

The Hainan Chup Chye. If you wonder what's different between this and other variations of chup chye.
For the Hainanese version, you will find fried pig skin on it.
(the piece of skin is above the carrot in this photo)

7th Storey Hainan Cafe

7th Storey Hainan Cafe
IMM Building
2 Jurong East Street 21
Singapore 609601

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Life for Beginners said...

Methinks that is the real reason why I order chicken curry half the time - so I have an excuse to, as you so elegantly put it, wallop an extra portion of rice! :D

Keropok Man said...

LOL. So so true!

Sometimes bread is good too! To wipe every single drop of curry off the bowl!

alkanphel said...

I've tried both the curry chicken and the chicken noodles. Surprisingly good!

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