Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just Acia @ Marina Square

This was lunch today with a fellow YOG Volunteer. I am one of the 20,000 volunteers for the inaugural Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games. I can't tell you what we do. Shh..  Our team consists of mainly working adults and a few tertiary students.  Some are seconded from the 'govt ministries', a few tertiary students and the rest of us, working adults who took our annual leave to serve.

I guess we are all get along very well, as we are the 'real' (not forced) volunteers, we don't have much complaints too because we knew what we were going into. We actually enjoy it! We got to know many new friends too! They are actually very nice people!

(No one knows my online identity though haha)

When it was lunch time, another fellow volunteer and I decided to walk around Marina Square to grab some lunch. He's is a teacher and when we saw Just Acia, he said it's many students hang out place. They have really good deals. So off we went.


'Cher A' had the Black Pepper Beef Set.
What I saw on the menu was interesting. It said that it is a special set, so you can't choose the 'doneness'. It was default to medium done. Well, they tell you before hand, so no problem!

I did not ask 'cher' how it was, but he seemed to like it, and finished all of it, except the fries.
It comes with unlimited ice cream and drinks.

Black Pepper Steak with Fries


I ordered the Beef Bulgogi Set.  I had to wait a while for Beef Bulgogi to arrive. When I was going to ask about my order, the server beat me to it and came over to tell me, the kitchen did not like what they prepared (in other words, a bit chao tar) and is cooking it over again, so can you wait a while more. LOL

They are quite frank eh? But customers like frank discussions right? Not some fluff up excuses that you can immediately spot.

Beef Bulgogi with Rice

The set came with rice, miso soup, small pickle, unlimited servings of ice cream from the self-serve freezer and unlimited soft drinks / tea / coffee from the self service machines.

I would not say the food is super delicious. I prefer Bulgogi from other places. ;-)
But it's ok for the price.  I had my fill of ice cream though. LOL

Beef Bulgogi with Rice

We ordered the beef selections, so it was the $10+ for the set meal. But there are meals that starts from $5.90.  Their clientele are mostly office workers and students who wants affordable food in expensive areas. ;-)

Our meal plus taxes came up to around $28 I think. 'Cher A' insisted on paying for my meal. I told you the volunteers are all very nice people right? He did not want to accept my money for my portion.

Just Acia
6 Raffles Boulevard
Marina Square #02-05 (along the linkbridge)
Singapore 039594

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Life for Beginners said...

You can't tell us what you do? Ooh, so very Mission Impossible, hehe...

Keropok Man said...

No, I can't. Sorry.
It's top secret. LOL

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