Monday, August 23, 2010

Volunteers Food @ YOG

As YOG Volunteers we get free food when we are working. You would probably have read about the food that one volunteer ate. Hmm dog food? I personally don't think so.

Depending on where you are based, you get your food differently.  I was based in some tent that did not have many volunteers, so there was no catered food. We were just given food vouchers. (Koufu or Kopitiam). That's the easiest logistic wise.

When two other volunteers and I had a day out to one of the venues, we wanted to try the 'famous meal'. On our way to the 'workforce lunch tent', we saw the food being pushed in. The smell was very good!

This was our meal. We queued up at the 'buffet line'. A very simple 3 dish meal. Corn rice, fried fish fillet, teriyaki chicken and french beans.

YOG Volunteers Food

Corn rice - we asked for 'less rice' because we saw they gave so much to the person in front.

Fried fish fillet - the usual fried fish fillet.  I was given 3 pieces, a bit too much. The other colleague had 2 pieces. It's not over fried as you can see by the colour.

Terriyaki chicken - smell and look better than it tasted. We call it the 'healthier option with less sodium' version. Did the Health Promo Board had a part to play? LOL.

The french beans - served in a semi starchy gravy. It was still crunchy but like any other food cooked with more water than oil, it does not 'look' so nice.

We concluded it was OK lah. The food was a bit bland because they had to cater to all the entire workforce. You probably would have know that half the people in Singapore loves bland food, half loves salty food. (You can poll it amongst your colleague or friends). So they picked the middle.

Oh yes, there were free flow of soft drinks. We realised the drinks were all from the same company,  you can guess which company right? If not, visit and scroll all the way down to look for Olympic Partner Worldwide. LOL

I wonder if they provided it free or at a reduced price.

(Posted on a personal capacity and also a tax payer and not as a YOG Volunteer)

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Anonymous said...

What a difference adfter the change of caterer! Food looks more decent!

If the drinks company is a sponsor or partner of the event, drinks is normally free! What I know from organising event before.

- LYSheun

fatpig said...

I was a volunteer at Bishan. Caterer was Stamford Catering, not SFI so food turned out fine. Free flow coke, minute maid, heaven and earth and water! :D

Keropok Man said...

Food is quite ok lah.

All of us, drank lots n lots of drinks to keep hydrated! ;-)

Oh hi fellow volunteer!
I did not know there was different caterer. The free drinks was good eh?

I heard ICC volunteers had ice cream today too!

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