Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Tingkat Cruise on the Singapore River

This was on Friday, 23 July, about two week ago. It was when the Singapore Food Festival was still on-going. I joined an online contest and won a pair of tickets to have the "Tingkat Cruise". The contest was organized by my mobile phone telco. If you are wondering which one, it's the green one.

Talking about cruises, I wonder how many locals take the Singapore River Cruises! We only take river cruises overseas! I have not taken the hippo or other touristy rides as well! Have you?

Singapore River Cruise


Taking the cruise at night was a good idea! It's cool and you get to admire all the lights from Marina Bay Sands and the Marina Bay Financial District. You can say it's really dazzling!

Can you see the "tingkat" inside the bumboat?

Singapore River Cruise


If you are wondering what is a "tingkat", it is a tiffin carrier. Here is a close up of it.
They even got us those with flowery designs!

The ones we have at home are stainless steel ones. When we were younger, I remember when we used them a lot! We used to be so green last time! Sadly everyone uses disposable plastic nowadays. (Why? It's because friends and relatives do not return your expensive tupperware or tiffin carriers! Right?!)

Oh by the way, there are now vacuum pot equivalent nowadays! It keeps your food warm / cold for a long time!

The Tingkat


Curious to find out what food we had?

For the top layer was "Chai Tow Kueh" (Carrot Cake) and Hae Mee (Prawn Noodles).
We the gluttons thought it was a little small in portion, but we were told it was the best around.
(Probably from the stalls that was serving food on Reed Bridge.)

Tingkat Chai Tow Kueh and Prawn Noodles


On the second layer, we had mini chicken rice balls! and 2 slices of chicken! Oh, these cute little things! The smallest chicken rice balls we ever seen! So easy to eat!

The other foil had "Soon Kueh" (Soon is chinese for bamboo. Kueh is cake, but nowadays most people use turnip instead of bamboo shoots for this snack). My Soon Kueh was packed with filling!

Tingkat 2 - Chicken Rice Balls, Soon Kueh


For the third and bottom layer, there's a container with Tofu Skin and Barley sweet dessert.
Sorry, not my kind of dessert.

Tingkat 3 - Tofu Skin and Barley Dessert


A very interesting ride! It was not easy taking photos on a moving bumboat!

It was a comfortable ride. Gently swaying and floating around. We boarded the ride at Merlion Park and we went to Boat Quay, Clarke Quay then to Marina Bay and back to Merlion Park.

In the photo below, you can see the boat man and the guide (hidden behind the boatman).
The guide can really really talk! He talked non stop for the whole duration of the 45 minute ride. You can actually learn a lot about both olden and present day Singapore from him!

Tingkat Cruise

Thanks for picking me, oh my green 'star' telco!

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DC said...

Wow, that's is a very interesting ride!

Do you get to bring the tingkat home?

Keropok Man said...

Yes, we all got to bring our tingkat home.

now wondering what to do with it. hehe..

dory said...

tat is sooo nice. lol..
u are always v lucky mr keropokman!

DC said...

That's a pretty tingkat! So auspicious looking!

Las montaƱas said...

nice food presentation.

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