Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tomi Sushi @ Parco Marina Bay

Momo and I had dinner last Friday at Tomi Sushi. I had some volunteer duties around the Marina Bay area and met up with Momo for dinner.

Wondering where to eat, we walked around and ended up at Parco Marina Bay. Somehow we ended up at Tomi Sushi. It's another of the Japanese chains that has invaded Singapore. From Niigata prefecture and has been around since 1954.

No specials meals for dinner though. If you want more 'economical set meals', come during lunch.


We ordered from the usual menu. I had the Gindara Set. ($28) I was tempted by the sashimi and grilled cod fish. The sashimi was good. A bit too decorated though. But it does look really pretty and photogenic. ;-)

Gindara Set


The cod fish was not too bad. I like the sauce. It also had some crumbly egg something on the side which was quite nice too.

Gindara Set


The set also came with Chawan mushi and the very delightful (and salty) miso soup and rice.
According to their website, they only use rice that comes from Niigata. The salt they use comes from the Sea of Japan. Does that explains the (a little too salty) but delightful miso soup?

Gindara Set


Momo had the Yosenabe ($15). I tasted some of the soup, it's a bit mild. The healthy kind of soup that many ladies will like. Pretty and healthy looking kind of dish ;-p

Momo had it with a bowl of Niigata Rice. ($3)



Momo was here before and she remembered someone ordered the Wakatori Karrage ($15) the last time and she wanted to try it. We placed an order and a big portion came.

I did not particularly enjoyed it. Well that's because I find it a bit mild and ordinary. I am a fan of the "Ajisen super salted" kind of karaage. If you hate the Ajisen style, you would most probably like this instead. LOL

It's nicely fried and crispy. You can taste hints of Japanese wine in it and definitely not heavily salted. The OK to feed children kind. ;-)

Wakatori karaage

It's a pleasant place. It was not very crowded and the people eating there was also not very noisy (that night).

Tomi Sushi @ Parco Marina Bay
9 Raffles Boulevard
#P3-04 Millenia Walk
Singapore 039596

Tel: 6333 4633

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Anonymous said...

So Ajisen is better?

Unknown said...

Lol. No. Ajisen only for their fried chicken n pork if you like them 'ajisen' flavoured.

Everything else here is way better. The sashimi here is way way fresher :-)

Anonymous said...

The slices of sashimi are so thick! I like.

Ivan said...

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Kenny Mah said...

Salt from the Sea of Japan. Sounds so posh! :P

mkia said...

Had the chirashi don lunch set when I dine here one time. The Koshihikari rice is superb. I dun mind coming back here just for the rice.

And I had my frist taste of 'botan ebi' (sweet shrimp) sashimi there. Needless to say, regular shrimp sashimi won't taste the same again...

Singaporefoodlover said...

the chicken loos delicious

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