Monday, August 30, 2010

Go India @ VivoCity

This was lunch last Sunday afternoon. We have always wanted to try the food in this place.
With the open concept kitchen in front of the shop, showing off their Naan and Tandooris, it does tempt you. We have been tempted for almost a year! We usually only walk past here after lunch.

Go India  @ VivoCity


When we got seated, we were assumed we wanted to try out the buffet. I guess that's the best way to try out the food here.

The buffet display was right at the entrance. What a way to tempt you. The moment you enter you can smell and see the food. Some of the different dishes on my first round of eating.

From the buffet table


This was Momo's plate. She and our cousin was testing out the food first, telling us what they think we will like and probably would not like.

From the buffet table


The chaat (I think that's its name) seems to be the most popular item on the buffet table.
You have to assemble this dish. Some crunchy dough like balls, you top it up with chopped tomatoes, onions, potatoes, etc and cover it with various sauces.

The other Indian customers are stacking loads of this on their plate. My example is only two balls. It taste rather nice!



The buffet comes with free flow serving of Naans. The plain naan seemed to come out rather quickly.

Plain Naan


But when it comes to the garlic naan, (it was tastier) but it took a longer and more requests before it gets to your table. ;-p

Garlic Naan


The food that I personally like is their tandoori chicken. The smell was really good, and the meat firm and tasty.

Tandoori Chicken


The 5 of us eating also thought the mutton here was really nice. It does not have the gamey smell of mutton. It was rather appetizing too. It was great with the Naans or the basmati rice served.



Oh the sweet sweet stuff! The Garam Gulab Jamun. Momo and my cousin could not take it. It was too sweet for them.

But I like it! I think their version was sweet but not the sickeningly sweet as some other places.

Garam Gulab Jamun


There are lots of other mushy vegetables and lentils, but they do not come out pretty on photos. They were not bad though.

We ended our meal with servings of ice cream and fruits.

Fruits and Mango Ice Cream

The restaurant seem to be popular. When we see lots of Indians eating here and looks like they enjoy it, you can probably assumed they like the food here.

The buffet lunch was $20++ per person. One of the cheaper buffets around. Not a huge range of variety, but it's more than enough variety to fill you up.

Go India
1 Harbourfront Walk
01-152/155 VivoCity,
Singapore 098585
Tel: 6376 9644

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