Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Crystal Jade Kitchen @ Holland Village

This was dinner at Crystal Jade Kitchen. We had wanted to eat the spicy cold chicken at Crystal Jade La Mian, but there was a wait for around 45 minutes. We were too hungry to wait so we decided to have dinner at Crystal Jade Kitchen instead.

When we got seated, we saw that there are some Set Meals available in the menu. It looked like a rather good deal, so we took set B. ($45.80++)

Set B consisted of:


The Simmered Chinese Spinach with Silver Fish & Golden Mushroom in superior stock.
We all thought it was lovely. The vegetable are young so it was really tender and nice. The stock was rich yet light so you keep wanting to drink the soup!



The Steamed Beancurd with Scallops with Black Bean Sauce.
When it was served, we thought it looked so pretty and appetizing. The Black Bean Sauce was so fragrant. The scallops on top looks a like an extension of the beancurd! I like the Black Bean Sauce!



The reason we picked Set B, was because there's a steamed fish. The other sets had either deep fried fish or stewed fish.

This steamed garoupa was good. However, we found one side of the fish to be very tender, but the other was a little tougher flesh. Hmmm one side of it was overcooked?

But we still cleaned it up anyway.



Rice was additional, not included in the price of the set. ;-P
We had 3 rice.


The total price was around $60+ with the pickles, drinks and taxes.
It was a lovely meal nevertheless. We seldom get disappointed eating here.

Crystal Jade Kitchen
2 Lorong Mambong
Holland Village
Singapore 277671

Tel: 6469 0300

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Life for Beginners said...

Heh. I was thinking the same thing, looking at your picture, how the scallops seem to be an extension of the tofu pieces... A true marriage of texture and taste, then? :D

Carrie said...

found your blog when i was searching hokkaido hairy crab... This blog is really a food heaven

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