Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Nasi Singapura - House of Lontong @ Adam Rd Food Centre

Do you suddenly feel like having food from certain stalls that you seem to have forgotten they exist? Colleagues and I did. We suddenly remembered that we have not been to Adam Road Food Centre for a very long time.

It seems 'automatic' that our legs just brings us to this stall. We used to like this stall a lot.

I think 3 of us had the "Ayam Merah" with some veg sides. The sauce seems to have changed a bit. The cost definitely has gone up by a dollar too.

While the rest were queueing for food, I was sitting down 'choping' seats. So when they got back, it was already 10 over people later who had bought food. The 2 other persons who had the ayam merah first thought that the chicken was dry. Ya we could see it. But for mine, which was the 2nd batch, it was moist and juicy.

We were wondering... Why ah? Are they not consistent anymore?

Pukki had the 'Ayam Kari'. Still quite ok he says.

Another colleague, 'old cat' had the fish. Old cat usually chooses the healthier food amongst us, and when he looks at the more delicious calorie laden / sinful food, he wants to exchange with us. LOL But his lunch does look good too.

Hope your week has been a productive one.

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Kenny Mah said...

For some reason, instead of looking at the makanan, I was distracted by your mate Pukki's name. Not to be rude, but you do know what that means in Malay, right? Just less one 'k'... :P

What can I say? I'm terribly tactless on Thursday mornings... Hehe.

Mo said...

I love the food of Singapore. These pics make me hungry.

Syed said...

The food at this Stall is delicous i must say. But then i quite agree with Kenny's concern. Maybe your male friend should consider changing his name while in Singapore or Malaysia. Otherwise he'll get a tight slap if he introduces himself to women. Especially malays. hehehe

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