Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kim's Family Restaurant @ Lorong Kilat

Last Friday, our care group from church thought we will eat something different. So we decided we will try out the shops at Lorong Kilat. A friend has told us that this place has a wide selection of side dishes, you will be so amazed!

The place is managed by Koreans. Husband and wife and their two kids. You see lots of Koreans living nearby coming in here and it gets very packed. A little wait is usually worth it!

Kim's Family Food @ Lorong Kilat

See the array of side dishes? We were given 9 different kinds and they are really really delicious! There's even a fish. The fish is very tasty too.

Array of side dishes

There was only 4 of us that could make it for dinner. We thought we would make it easier by ordering individual dishes for ourselves.

Here's what I had. Beef Slices Stew. I like the stew. Piping hot in the hot stone. There's quite a lot of beef and lots of ingredients as well! Below the beef and vegetables are thick 'tang hoon' noodles. I had it with rice and it was really satisfying!

Beef Slices Soup

Mrs DG had the seafood ramen soup. What a huge bowl she exclaimed.

Seafood Ramen Soup

Mr DG had the Korean Rice Cakes and Ramen combo. It's nice and also the portion's too big!
The rice cakes with the side dishes would have made you full. He left most of the ramen behind.

Rice Cake and Ramen Combo

Mr AQ had the Ox Tail Stew. He seems to have enjoyed his stew very much!
(I am not an oxtail person. hehe..)

Ox Tail Stew

It was a good dinner. Mr and Mrs DG just came back from a trip to Seoul and they said the places they ate did not gave so many side dishes. The portions here are as big as the ones in Seoul though.

Korean food in Singapore is not usually very cheap, but the prices here are quite ok. With the portions that they give, and the amount of ingredients that you can see they put in, it's quite worth it.

Kim's Family Food
17 Lorong Kilat
Kilat Court,
Singapore 598139

Tel: 6465 0535
Mob: 8201 9745

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Sistafood said...

I love korean food esp bibimbap. But sometimes it so hard to find a good korean restaurant in sg. Those good ones are pricy. Anyway, i love your photos!

Unknown said...


Thanks! glad you both like the photos.
I have yet to try their bibimbap here. Too many things to try!

Benita said...

P, I was trying to decipher the acronyms of your CG mates.. I think I could! Hahaha.

Been there a couple of times - I can comment on the Bibimbap! It's not bad, pretty tasty. I enjoyed it. Their chicken bulgogi is quite shiok, comes with all the side dishes too. Some of the side dishes are 'dynamic'...

Their Jajungmyeon wasn't very mindblowing though, was pretty bland. Maybe I'm too used to the Chinese style.

Oh oh, do order the raw beef cuts - they'll give you gas + hot plate to cook it - then you wrap it in sauce + cabbage and gulp it down. Whee! It's pretty good value for the type of meat ($22, portion size for 1 but I say can feed 2).


Unknown said...

Hehe... Only 4 turn up for CG that day. If all turn up, it will be more fun for you to dicipher it eh? hehe...

Think I got addicted to this place. Went there 3 times in 7 days! With 3 different grps of friends. LOL...

Tried the Jajungmyeon, it was very black! We were wondering how it taste like in Korea as seen on korean drama. hehe..

Will try the DIY beef cuts soon!

Kenny Mah said...

Is it just me or are there some letters missing from their signage? :P

Anonymous said...

There are also quite a lot of Korean food in London - springing out like mushrooms!

I guess, those in Asia are better. Here it's kinda "diluted" to suit Angmoh's taste!

Bibimbap shioknya!
You can speak Malay too?

Deborah said...

hey! is the side dishes free flow? and how are the prices like? thanks alot!

Anonymous said...

You can try an authentic Jajangmyeon from Dong Bang Hong at Telok Ayer Street.

m said...

Hello Keropok man! I tried the restaurant for dinner today and it was really crowded - had to queue for a table. They're really efficient and the food's very affordable (no service charge!). Plus their staff are really friendly:)

Unknown said...


Yes, it's missing. A newspaper report said that they are so busy that they don't have time to set up the signs!

It's still as busy, so I guess the signs are forgotten. LOL

Korean's food taking over the world eh?

Yes, speak a bit of Malay. :-)

The 3 times I have been there, we have not asked for more side dishes. So not sure, we never had the need to! They already give so much!

Prices are quite all right, depending on what you order. Maybe around $15 - $20 (on average shared by 2-3 persons).

Thanks for the tip!

I think they have service charge, but no GST ;-)

Ya, I had to queue the 2nd time I went there for dinner too, but they found us a table in around 15 mins.

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