Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ragazzi @ Ghim Moh (with the food pix)

The sausage salad that we shared.

The following, the various combi of linguine and fusilli that each of us had.

Sorry I forgot which picture matched which name. hehe...

But we liked it. Because the pasta are all al dente. Just the right texture.

This is the picky colleague's aglio e olio with mushrooms.

Another colleague said let me hold up the fork and let you take some photo. LOL.
I seldom do that right?

Overall, we were quite happy with our lunch that day.

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Anonymous said...

Hai Keropokman,

I dont see any fusilli in the pictures that you took though. Fusilli is a spiral pasta while the ones I see there are linguini and penne (the ones like cut drinking straws)

The marinara looks heavenly. I like eating really good pasta :)

Unknown said...

hi rinaz

ya hor, where has the fusilli gone to? i was thinking of the conversation we had when we were choosing which pasta.

we were trying to memorize fusilli. haha.. looks like it is penne that was ordered!

*super pai seh*

excuse: doctors prescribed me some anti-histamines so it is making my brain super slow! LOL (ya i know pathetic excuse)

Anonymous said...

Omigosh... that's a lunch to die for, esp. the sausage salad. (Both MEAT and GREENS, what more can one ask for? Hehe.)

Got me craving for some Italian now. Grrr...

backStreetGluttons said...

your zoom in then out text and pixs extravaganza we like. No sticky traces until the next spread , the way we like it ...

Anonymous said...

I have never heard of a sausage salad before, hahaha. Food looks great :)

tigerfish said...

i prefer the linguine with the seafood tomato-based sauce. The one with just seafood but not tomato-based sauce looks a little dry leh!

alicesg said...

Wow all the food looked so delicious and yummy. The price seems cheap. Thanks for sharing.

Mo said...


Unknown said...

KayEl has nice italian food too right? i remember lots! :-)

team bsg,
hehe.. good to know that you like what we like. :-p

sausage salad is nice.... very nice...

hmmm must ask the person who ate it. think depends on pple lor.

you can go visit too :-)


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