Tuesday, May 13, 2008

J Co Donuts & Coffee

Just the other day after Bible Study, we had a group fellowship. Someone brought donuts! It's the donuts that many of us have not tried because we dread the queue at the shop. Somehow some kind souls who love the rest of us so much queued for it. Thanks! ;-)

In the box was many donuts. There were all sorts of flavour and all of them look so delicious.

Since there was quite a few of us and we wanted to taste more flavours, the donuts were all quartered. Hey, the whitish donut has filling in it as you can see.

This is I think the chocolate crispies topping. Yes, one bite is not enough.

You can see the sweet sugar coating on this. The hard topping with very soft donuts inside. Oo... donuts can be so heavenly at times.

Did not take the photos of the rest, they were devoured in the blink of the eye.

Have a good week ahead. It has been so so busy at work. I am so sleep deprived.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed the donuts... the lines at J.Co's here in KL are ridiculously long!

Hope you get more rest... sleep deprivation can be really tough on us mentally, not just physically. If possible, try "power naps" at work. All the best with your week too!

Anonymous said...

they are so bad for your figure:P but who cares...donuts for the win^^

Unknown said...

were you part of the queue before?
ya, i got to catch up on more sleep.

you are a donut fan eh?

industrial photography singapore said...

tried before...feels soft n taste great

Unknown said...

have not tried it since last year! hehe..

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