Monday, June 09, 2008

Rong Guang BBQ Seafood @ Ulu Pandan Road

It has been some time since we came here, so our extended large family came here for dinner around half a month ago. We like this place because the food's consistently good.

This place is always crowded on weekends too.

The sambal stingray. We always love this.

For the kids and the 'one' adults who can't take spicy food, the non spicy version of it.

The sambal kangkong.

I think its the first time we have this other veg. hehe..

One of the favourites here, the prawn paste chicken wings.

Oyster Omelette. Don't know what's with my taste buds, but I seem to don't like oysters this way anymore. (Am I getting old??)

I like meat like this though. LOL

We always have this here because it is sis and aunt's favourite. It's another dish that I don't seem to appreciate. :-p

Which dish is your favourite?

Rong Guang BBQ Seafood
301 Ulu Pandan Road
Singapore 596469

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PinkHippo said...

I like this place too! We usually come here when we have family gathering. (with my uncle and aunt). Its nice and cheap plus it's near our home...

My cousins love their prawn paste chicken wings, for me I like their mee goreng ... yummy!

min said...

this is one place that i wanna visit :)

how much did u guys spend for this meal? for how many pax?

Camemberu said...

Hey this was one of our target makan places! Aaaah...sneak preview of the food, looks good!

Hmm, me too...seem to be outgrowing oyster omelette...really sign of old age?

Sambal stingray looks best, followed by the meat and the prawn paste chicken.

Kenny Mah // Life for Beginners said...

Ahh, it's so weird that you mentioned oyster omelette... I just had it last night! Was craving it for ages and just couldn't get any decent ones outside of small towns... In fact, the best one I got in KL was found in a shopping mall's food court! :P

P.S. I definitely haven't outgrown it yet...

Mr.galle said...

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Kevin said...

looks nice!
how much is the bbq fish and fried chicken?

Keropok Man said...

long... time no see.. Ya, we like the mee goreng too. so spicy and makes us want to eat more of it! ;-)

my uncle paid for it, so I can't really remember it. but it's one of the places that is very reasonably priced. this set of photo, we had 10 people eating.

yeah. hmmm why ah? how come we seem to outgrow eating 'or jien'? haha.. but i think when you can't get it, then you want to eat it. yesterday we were craving chinese food, and guess what we ate? Those big deep fried Aussie Dim Sims. LOL... Don't laugh at us ok?

LOL. That always reminds me of us hijacking oyster omelettes. (or any other food) in SS2. There are always people who order food but when the food's ready they can't find who ordered it. They will go round and round to ask. After the 3rd or 4th time the stall helper circling us, we said, hey, we will take it! He gladly pass it to us, and takes our money. LOL

Mr galle,

Can't remember the price, when I go there again, I will try to remember noting it down. :-) But it's not that expensive.

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