Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Brewerkz @ Riverside Point

Oh how we love celebrating birthdays!

It was one of our friend's birthday and we presented him a few options of where to go for his birthday dinner. He picked a place that sells meat and beer - a good combination according to him.

We decided that we would each order our own mains and order some sides to share around.  I did not take photos of all the food we had. The table was long to move around.  Took photos only of the food within reach.


Buffalo Chicken Wings.
Somehow when there's a buffalo wings in any menu, there's a high chance of people ordering it! I think we had the mild version. The sauce was nice, but the chicken was about OK only.


Chicken Cobb Salad.
It's a combination of Greens, grilled chicken breast, bacon, blue cheese, tomatoes, grilled onions, hardboiled egg and sliced avocado. Yup, stinking blue cheese!

Those of us who liked veggies enjoyed it, but we made sure we did not mixed the potent blue cheese when it was served. The moment it was served, the smell.... enough said.


King Brew!
This burger's called the King Brew. The largest burger on the menu. On the menu it says: "Don’t tell your cardiologist—two patties of beef with cheese, bacon, sautéed mushrooms and beer chili".

It is not very very big. The photo above can tells you so. It's big enough and very filling though.
It was tasty too.


Two patties with the mushroom in the middle. The texture of the patty is nice. Not too much other stuff in it. Very beefy. This burger gets the approval from the wife.

The pickles were served the side. I would have preferred it in the burger. I like pickles and I think they should be inside. I know many people don't like pickles, probably why it's on the side.

It's a messy job eating this, but in a good way.


Barbeque Pork Ribs
These tender baby back ribs were quite delicious. The sauce, they call it the brewerkz bbq sauce, was a nice mix. Very flavourful, it's tangy and sweetish. Goes well with the soft ribs.

Just wondering if they had some of the brew in their bbq sauce. Hmm...


A slice of corn bread came with the Ribs. Momo the corn lover and a few others think that this corn bread taste rather good. I am not a huge corn fan, so I think it was OK only.


Crab Linguine.
I think it was all right, it's not that spectacular. Remember it's a beer place. ;-)


The nicest beer that I think we had was this Brothers Strawberry Cider!
It's strawberry infused pear cider.


I can't remember what they were. Everyone had different beer.
I did remember the dark one was not finish because one of the lady friends who ordered it think it was not her style of beer.


It was a great nite out with a few friends to celebrate a birthday.
Happy Birthday Matthew!

Oh ya, to get discounts here, guess what card did we have to present? Not a credit card or usually the Safra card, but the Passion Card! It gave us 15% off the food and beverages. 

30 Merchant Road
#01-05/06 Riverside Point
Singapore 058282

Tel:  +65 6438 7438
Hours: Mon - Thurs & Sun: 12pm - 12am /  Fri, Sat & Eve of PH: 12pm - 1am

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