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Plaza Brasserie @ Parkroyal Beach Road

If you like Asian Buffets, you should check out the Plaza Brasserie @ Parkroyal Beach Road. They have quite a good selection of Asian food and for this month (I know it's ending soon that's why I have to quickly rush out this post) they have a "Treasures of the Sea" promotion.

Quoting from their website:
"Indulge in a variety of fresh seafood, including flower crabs, queen scallops, tiger prawns, oysters, mussels, clams and much more! Enjoy rounds of sake oyster shots, chilli crab, bamboo clams and drunken prawns in herbal soup, all on the buffet spread.

From Mondays to Fridays, pick your favourite fish from our ‘Catch of the Day’ section and our chefs will prepare it in your preferred sauce and style."

Thanks to the folks at the hotel's PR department who hosted a few of us, we really enjoyed what we saw and ate.

Here are some of the samples of the food that you got to try. You pick the seafood you want from the counter and the way you want it cooked. The chefs will prepare it fresh for you and deliver it to your table.

Plaza Brasserie, Parkroyal @ Beach Road

Soft shell crabs with 5 spice powder.These were super duper crispy crabs, slightly on the salty side, but it was really delicious! I had one bite and loved it so much, I quickly had a second piece. My mum loves to use 5 spice powder in her food, so grew up liking the smell and taste of it. This dish really makes me happy.

They also have soft shell crabs on the buffet tables, but this "prepare as you order" version has 5 spice powder and taste crispier.

Plaza Brasserie, Parkroyal @ Beach Road

Grey Prawns with spicy garlic sauce.
If you like prawns, this combination really makes you salivate. Prawns and garlic are a good combination and making it spicy is even better! By licking on the sweet, sourish and spicy sauce on the prawns, you know you would want more. The prawns were really fresh too.

Plaza Brasserie, Parkroyal @ Beach Road

White Clams with Spicy Onion Sauce
This was my favourite for that afternoon. It's probably because it's onions sauce! I think clams or shell fish that are smaller in size tastes better. Since the rest were busy snapping photos, trying to get their perfect shot, I was indulging in this. I probably finished quarter of this huge bowl of clams served.

Plaza Brasserie, Parkroyal @ Beach Road

Green Shell Mussels with black bean sauce.
These were nice, but I could only eat 2 and I have enough of it. I personally prefer smaller ones as bigger shell fish has this 'ocean taste' (not fishy, but this ocean smell or iodine aftertaste) that makes you control your intake to a few of it.

Plaza Brasserie, Parkroyal @ Beach Road

Fresh black mussels with sambal sauce.
I like this dish too, my personal bias to smaller shell fish. I can eat and eat and eat this stuff. Probably because it was small, you enjoy eating it without getting the stuffed feeling.

Plaza Brasserie, Parkroyal @ Beach Road

Bamboo Clams with Black Bean Sauce.
I personally find the bamboo clams chewy. The black bean sauce was nice though.
In my mind, I associate bamboo clams with lots and lots of garlic with light premium soy sauce. hehe. Like the ones here.

Plaza Brasserie, Parkroyal @ Beach Road

We were glad to meet Mr Jackson Goh the Executive Chef.
He's the guy who comes out and quality controls the food that comes out of his kitchen. He has done a pretty good job!

Plaza Brasserie, Parkroyal @ Beach Road

I went around the hot food buffet area and saw that they have sea cucumber too.
The way I like it done! Braised with Roast Pork! You should try this.

Plaza Brasserie, Parkroyal @ Beach Road

This was probably Miss Tam Chiak's or Hungrycow's bowl of laksa which I tasted a spoonful of.
Very nice!

Plaza Brasserie, Parkroyal @ Beach Road

I was told on certain days there will be chicken rice served.
I could not resist and helped myself to a small portion of it. Glistering rice and smooth tender chicken.

Plaza Brasserie, Parkroyal @ Beach Road

A portion of the roast pork, bbq pork and roast duck that I shared with fellow diners.
The BBQ pork has a taste of 'chinese wine', which I knew the wife would love if she comes here.

Plaza Brasserie, Parkroyal @ Beach Road

The buffet also has a dessert section which is quite good. The 'must try' I was told will be the Chocolate Truffle Cake. Was told it's to die for!

Guess what?
It was the wife's birthday this week, and the in-laws wanted to go for a buffet dinner and I said we should come here! I really think this place is worth the money spent so I recommended this place. Well, after the dinner, both parents-in-law thought it was really a good choice.

Well, they love fish and if you go on a week night, there's a "Catch of the Day" promotion. We were there last Friday and we had two fish.

Plaza Brasserie, Parkroyal @ Beach Road

The HK style steamed Seabream.

Plaza Brasserie, Parkroyal @ Beach Road

The HK style steamed Seabass.

Dad-in-law picked two fish and knowing mum-in-law loves fish steamed HK style, both fish were cooked the same way. We had 1 fish first and when we finished the first fish, we ordered another!

Plaza Brasserie, Parkroyal @ Beach Road

The food we ate last Friday night is exactly like the one prepared for the 'bloggers tasting'.
Well, just without the extra garnishing for photo taking. LOL

The wife finally got to taste the soft shell crab that I said was very crispy and nice.

Plaza Brasserie, Parkroyal @ Beach Road

Still did not really enjoy the bamboo clams.

Plaza Brasserie, Parkroyal @ Beach Road

But I loved the black mussels in onion sauce. Nice!

Plaza Brasserie, Parkroyal @ Beach Road

Also, the white clams with sambal sauce. We were full by eating seafood! Overeating!

Parents-in-law and the wife were indulging in the fresh oysters! It's scary how they can eat so many of it at one go. They did not believe I did not eat any at all! People always say I 'rugi' because I don't eat the oysters. I just say, eat more on my behalf! This was before our 'cooked to order' seafood arrived.

They only served 2 types of sashimi, but they were fresh. Momo thought the laksa as good too.
I don't know which brand of ice cream they served, but it was quite nice! Momo and I think it taste familiar, but can't put a 'brand' to it, I had like 4 scoops with those coloured rocks chocolate bits.

The parents-in-law enjoyed the Durian mousse that was on the dessert table too. The pulut hitam was nice too! You should try it!

Plaza Brasserie, Parkroyal @ Beach Road

We thought we would come for this self paid meal in 'stealth mode', so it was not under my name, but in dad-in-laws name for the reservation. The very observant PR director was quick to spot it and drop me a note on whatsapp. She knew it was the wife's birthday, but with so little time, she arranged for a little surprise! How cute right?

Parents in law paid for the meal with the UOB card and got 20% discount.

Treasures of the Sea buffet dinner
2 September - 30 October 2011

Mondays to Thursdays: Adult • S$45 | Child (3 to 12 years old) • S$27
Fridays to Sundays : Adult • S$48 | Child (3 to 12 years old) • S$29

Prices are subject to service charge and prevailing government taxes.

Plaza Brasserie @ Parkroyal on Beach Road
7500 Beach Road
Singapore 199591

Tel: 6505 5710

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Camemberu said...

Wow looks good! Buffets are the hardest thing to post (so many photos), but I'm glad you did! that's two meals in one some more!

Unknown said...

Ya, buffets with so many tempting food! So hard to blog!

It's the wife's birthday, MIL says must put up! LOL

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