Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Win up to $20 off shipping chargers with Citi Globeshopper

Do you have a Citibank credit card? Have you heard of Citi Globeshopper?

Citi Globeshopper is a service provided by Citibank to allow their credit card holders to shop online on UK and US websites more conveniently. You get a US and UK delivery address when you register for the service.

You are probably like me, having different account with different online providers offering similar service that gives you an overseas address to send the goods too.  These providers will then send your goods back to you in Singapore.

I was recently invited to attend a session explaining to me why Citi Globeshopper is different from other providers of similar service. These were what I got to know:

  • Citi Globeshopper is managed by Borderlinx.
  • Citi Globeshopper have a concierge service that's FREE. If you encountered a site that does not allow Singapore credit cards for example, the concierge service can shop and pay for you. Other companies charge around 5% of the total value of the merchandise for this service.
  • Citi Globeshopper has FREE shipping insurance. Other companies charge up to 3% of the total value of the merchandise.
  • Consolidation period of 30 days. This means, you can order from multiple sites and get them delivered to your UK or US address. They hold it for you for FREE. When all your goods from different online merchants have arrived, you can then initiate one delivery to save on shipping costs.
  • The standard delivery takes 3 - 5 days, while others takes between 4 - 8 days. Delivery is handled by DHL.

Citi Globeshopper

During the session, we had some fun drawing and doing a 'pitch' on what is Citi Globeshopper with other participants. Our group got the best pitch, well that's because we stuck a real Citibank credit card on the board!

There's something that's quite fun going on now till 30 September 2011 that also helps you save on shipping costs if you use the Citi Globeshopper service. It's an online game that allows you to win some credits to offset your shipping charges.

Go to Citibank Singapore's Facebook Page at:

Citi Globeshopper

You will be able to see that there's a game there that allows you to win up to S$20 off shipping charges. The game is quite addictive and I have played it many times.

Citi Globeshopper

So far my highest score for the game allows me to redeem $9 off my shipping costs.
Try it!

Do note that you do need a Citibank credit card to use this service.

If you still do not have it, you can apply it for a new card online at:

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Eveyn said...

Hi Philip,

This is interesting, been wanting to buy stuff from US sites but they don't ship internationally. So means we still have to pay Citibank for shipment charges right?


Unknown said...

Hi Evelyn

It's all handled by Borderlinx.

Yes, got to pay for shipping from US to Singapore.

Evelyn said...

thanks for the info! :)

Unknown said...

This is really col!

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