Friday, September 23, 2011

Nasi Padang River Valley @ Zion Road

Wow, how fast time passes! We had this meal with our friend, Momo's childhood friend Julia before she delivered her baby and now the baby's over 1 month old! We know she likes to eat (like us) and when the baby comes out, she will not be able eat it for some time!

We picked her up and off we went to Zion Road. It has been some time since we came here, we did come a few times, but I did not bother to take photos because it seems that we always order the same old food! Anyway, this will be like an update.

Zion Road Nasi Padang

4 of us ate 6 dishes. A bit of a glutton? Probably not, since the portions are not that big.

Zion Road Nasi Padang

The Ayam Gulai. The non spicy version of curry. The sauce is every so tempting and you can 'sapu'/ wallop up a whole plate of rice with the sauce.

I have had Ayam Gulai since young, but I just realised that Wikipedia says this dish originated from Padang! 

Zion Road Nasi Padang

The Beef Rendang. Another dish that has very tempting sauce to go with the rice. Not every piece of the beef was tender this time. The tender ones were pleasant to eat!

Zion Road Nasi Padang

We ordered a Begedil for each person. Always reminding me of having croquette.
Momo who is more of a Japanese food lover says she prefer the Japanese version. haha.

Zion Road Nasi Padang

The sambal sotong. Nice! Very nice, not rubbery, but tender.
The sauce has lots of onions which I love!

Zion Road Nasi Padang

The Ayam Goreng. Just thought of having some fried chicken, so we ordered it.
This one we had was crispy on the outside and still not that dry inside.

Zion Road Nasi Padang

The sweetish ala Thai chili sauce that goes with the chicken.
(I mixed my piece of chicken with all the different sauces!)

Zion Road Nasi Padang

A bowl of Sayur Lodeh. Our only vegetable dish!
Not very special, but it's quite OK.

Zion Road Nasi Padang

The makcik seems to know even before we asked.
The spicy, super spicy sambal belachan!

Zion Road Nasi Padang

Also a bowl of curry sauce to pour over our rice.
A very satisfying lunch!

We were sitting beside a Malay family. As we were taking photos, they were smiling, probably thinking we must be tourists. How could we not talk to them? They looked so friendly people and spoke in halting Malay saying we are not tourists and about other stuff.

We asked them about food after all the funny chatter we had. We asked where else in Singapore can we taste similar food and where is their favourite. The couple with their little girl told us this shop's food is more Indonesian Padang style. If we want to try more Singapore Malay food, try Hj Maimunah, their other favourite.

It's amazing even if were speaking in halting Malay (and half of us did not understand it), when people talk about food, you can feel the deliciousness of what they are talking by looking at the way the face expression and smile!

Nasi Padang River Valley
55 Zion Road
Singapore 247780

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