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Crab Feast Buffet @ Plaza Brasserie, PARKROYAL on Beach Road

Are you a crab fanatic? I know family members who are and the wife can think of friends who can eat crabs non stop at one sitting. This crab news would delight crabs lovers.

Imagine this (I am just highlighting the dishes with crabs) :

Appetisers - Dijon Crab Cakes with Coriander Paste, Baked Crab Shell, Chilli Crab Roll with Vegetables, Crab Meat Gyoza with Dip Sauce, Bread Crab Claw, Mini Crab Meat Samosas, Olive and Potato Crabmeat Balls with Pesto, Crabmeat Paste.

Mains Crabs - Chilli Crab, Black Pepper Crab, Nonya Curry Crab, Butter Crab, Stir Fried Crab with Salted Egg Yolk, Thai Green Curry Mud Crab in Sichuan Style, Stir Fried Flower Crabs with Spring Onions and Ginger, XO Crabs.

Noodles - Crab Meat Le Mien with Miso Paste, Braised Tang Hoon with Live Crabs, Crabmeat Tempura.

Hot varieries - Crabmeat Fried Rice, Crispy Soft Shell Crabs. 

PARKROYAL at Beach Road - Plaza Brasserie Crabs

Just the other day, the wife and I had the pleasure of being hosted by PARKROYAL on Beach Road at Plaza Brasserie for the Crab Feast Buffet.

To tell the truth, we were so interested in the crabs, we totally skipped the appetisers and had only the crabs. It was only later that we started to have other delicious stuff they have at their buffet like sashimi, laksa and the whole offering of food. 

Here are the photos of the crabs. I asked Ms Chang, the Marcom Manager and she said that every night, diners would get 5 different flavours of the crabs flavours listed above.

PARKROYAL at Beach Road - Plaza Brasserie Crabs
Butter Crabs. If you like the fragrance of butter in your food, try this version. It's not white with lots of milky sauce like how many places serves it, but the flavour is quite intense and flavoursome.

PARKROYAL at Beach Road - Plaza Brasserie Crabs
The style that was my favourite that night. The Stir Fried Crabs with Salted Egg Yolk. The fragrance and the flavour just goes down well with me. The distinct flavour of salted egg yolks makes you want to eat more of whatever it is cooked with.

Even after a while when the crabs were cold, it still tasted good as I was still wanting more and did not want to waste the crabs in front of me.

PARKROYAL at Beach Road - Plaza Brasserie Crabs
Chilli Crabs. With so many choices, chilli crabs though it is nice, gets kicked out one rank.
Some people love eggs in the chilli crab sauce, this is the eggless version. It's a version of more sweetish than spicy crabs.

PARKROYAL at Beach Road - Plaza Brasserie Crabs
Nonya Curry Crab. These crabs for the Nonya Curry version are the flower crabs.
Personally, I think Nonya Curry goes better with steamed fish.

PARKROYAL at Beach Road - Plaza Brasserie Crabs
XO Sauce Crabs was something very different from the rest of the crabs. It does goes well as XO sauce is made from scallops and other seafood. I have not had XO Crabs before, my first time.

PARKROYAL at Beach Road - Plaza Brasserie Crabs
The man behind the different flavours and variations of the crabs, Chef Jackson.
His team must be quite innovative to come up with so many crab dishes every night.

PARKROYAL at Beach Road - Plaza Brasserie Crabs
Eating crabs alone has no carbs. However if you need carbs, have your crabs with the deep fried mantous. I was thinking of having non carbs that night, but I succumb when I saw these golden buns.

I also walked around and got tempted with more food, and had a bowl of laksa from the noodles section together with roast pork from another station.

Consider having crab dishes at Kopitiam Zi char around $40 for a crab, and around $80-90 for a crab at higher end seafood restaurants, the prices here if you can eat crabs plus their usual Asian and Continental delights is $52-$55 for adults is quite reasonable.

Sumptous Crab Feast at PARKROYAL on Beach Road
Date: 5 July to 31 August 2012

Dinner (Mon-Thu): Adult $52, Child $31
Dinner (Fri-Sun): Adult $55, Child $33
Prices are subject to 10% service charge and 7% GST.

Plaza Brasserie @ Parkroyal on Beach Road
7500 Beach Road
Singapore 199591

Tel: 6505 5710

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FoodieFC said...

wow, just all crab and nothing else?

Unknown said...


The usual buffet spread of Asian and Continental favourites are there. ;-)

Chicken Rice, Laksa, Braised Sea Cucumber etc...

Sashimi, Sushi...

AspirantSG said...

We went for the same event!
It's a pity that I never got to talk to you in person. Was sitting at the other table. :(

Unknown said...

Hi AspirantSG

I think we went on different days.
The day I went there was only 1 table ;-)

Hope to see you in person one day!

Anonymous said...

Your post on the crab feast helped me to plan my maiden date.
Many Thks and nice blog

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog and I think it's fantastic! Keep it up! P.S. Do you have lists of your favourite places to eat? Like maybe Top 10 lists (favourite ramen shops, favourite brunch, etc.) and stuff - would be super interested in checking it out :] Take care.

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