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Singapore Food Festival 2012 @ Waterfront Promenade at Marina Bay

The Singapore Food Festival is back! The Singapore Food Festival 2012 edition marks the 19th run of the festival! It's on from 13-22 July 2012. The theme this year for food festival is "Seafood Tales of Temasek". Just as the theme says, it's lots and lots of seafood this year!

I was at the Festival Village at Waterfront Promenade at Marina Bay (this year's it's moved to Marina Bay from Read Bridge, Clarke Quay) on Friday, 13th July. There was so many people and I see lots of tourist as well. I just read the there was a record high of 40,000 people who visited the Festival Village on opening day!

Singapore Food Festival 2012
This year's venue is much bigger than previous years, it's no longer on a 'bridge' but located next to Marina Bay Sands, at the Waterfront Promenade. It's like an 8 minute's walk out of Marina Bay Sands exit where Carnivore is located.

Singapore Food Festival 2012
I was there at around 7 plus and saw Chef Eric demonstrating cooking a dish.
A few chefs are having demo sessions, you can check out the SFF website for details.

Singapore Food Festival 2012
This was the famous Lim Hai Sheng carrot cake hawker cooking the delicious Chai Tow Kueh!

Walk around and you can see many hawkers all gather under 1 roof, or rather tent! I think there are around 50 stalls!

Singapore Food Festival 2012
I think I saw the duck fat unhealthy? Think again... poster last year. I got attracted to that poster again!

Singapore Food Festival 2012
2nd Kitchen from Balestier Road has very nice food. I have been to their shop at Balestier Road before and liked their food.

Singapore Food Festival 2012
Fried Hokkien Noodles for you?

Singapore Food Festival 2012
This is what you will get. It's quite tasty.

Singapore Food Festival 2012
Walking around, I heard someone shouting 'sushi, sushi'. It sounded very Japanese by the way it was shouted. I turned to see and hey it's Chef Sho Naganuma from Hide Yamamoto.

He's there promoting for HY California, which is part of Hide Yamamoto restaurant at Marina Bay Sands.

Singapore Food Festival 2012
Did you see what I see? Whole salmon there!
Probably the first year you can get such great sashimi at the food festival!

Singapore Food Festival 2012
One of the highlights of Singapore Food Festival is the Singapore Food Festival Platter presented by Seafood Paradise. As I was waiting for my platter, a group of photographers / journalists suddenly rushed towards the stall and the next thing I know, lots of people were beside me. I suddenly realised it's Mr Teo Ser Luck beside me!
(So I took a photo as well lah....)

Singapore Food Festival 2012
This is the Singapore Food Festival Platter. There are two types, one with Chilli Crab or the Signature Creamy Butter Crab.

The platter also has Stir-fried Live Geoduck with Asparagus in XO Sauce, Crisp-fried Prawns tossed with Salted Egg Yolk, Deep-fried Coral Trout in Nyonya Style and Supreme Seafood Fried Rice. The Fried Rice is really nice!

Singapore Food Festival 2012
Tasting it suddenly reminds me of their delicious crab I ate at Seafood Paradise some time ago.
I should visit the restaurant for more of this yummy stuff!

Singapore Food Festival 2012
I met Cuisine Paradise and others at the Food Festival and they had an extra portion of these Mussels in Laksa by Neo Garden and passed a box for us to try. Only available at the Festival Village, they are quite tasty and you might not stop eating if you start.

Singapore Food Festival 2012
Spotted at the drinks kiosk or stall, Somersby Apple Cider.

It's the wife's favourite. I got this to cool down as it can be quite warm at the Food Village!

Singapore Food Festival 2012
The folks at Covelli Italian Bistro and Wine Bar (located at Orchard Central) was bringing things to taste at our next table. Being there at the right time, they also brought some for us to try! It's their newly developed Squid Ink MERINGUE and Sea Urchin Mango CHEESE MOUSSE.

Interesting mix don't you think? Wanna try it yourself?

Singapore Food Festival 2012
The best way to pay for your meals here is to get a NETS FlashPay card. You get 20% discount by using their cards ;-)

There are so many things to try and you might get carried away buying things. A 20% discount will help your money go a few steps longer!

If you want to read more about other activities during the Singapore Food Festival, visit their website at:

Visit the Singapore Food Festival Village and enjoy!

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sgfoodonfoot said...

Looks good , bigger and more selection.

Rebecca Saw said...

Cool! I will be in Sg for the SBA event and I look forward to exploring this ! :)

Asia Singapore said...

Great photos! I will unfortunately able to go at the last day as usual :( I hope it won't be very crowded.

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