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Durians Buffets and other thorny stuff.

It's the durian season and many people are craving for the King of Fruits.

Let me put up a quick post about durians since we have to 'hunt' for durian offers to please the parents and parents-in-laws. Since I have some info, let me share it with you all.

The funny thing is that I have stopped eating durian since secondary school! My in-laws absolutely love them and I have been buying durian stuff for them. The wife says it's the son-in-law 'bribing' the parents-in-law! (The wife does not touch durians at all!)

I saw this the other day at Clementi Central. One durian for $2!

The catch, they won't open it and you got to bring the whole fruit home. Walking into their shop, they have the $20 for 3 varieties, where they will open and pack it into boxes for you.


My colleagues have been having durian party too. We have a colleague who has in-laws in Batu Pahat, Johor who has their own durian plantation have been bringing in frozen containers of the best durian in the plantation. You should see their happy faces!

Even as a reformed non durian eater, I was still tempted by this smooth durian! It does smell very good!

Colleague brought it from home frozen and left it to thaw in the office for 2-3 hours. It becomes soft and the smell starts to get stronger too!

Colleagues were showing off their durians!

~ ~ Durian Buffets in Singapore  ~ ~

1) Durian Fiesta at Goodwood Park Hotel.

The hotel in Singapore that is famous for durians is Goodwood Park Hotel.
They have been having their Durian Fiesta yearly and it has been on and will run till 31 July!

I have been buying their signature Durian Puffs, Durian Mousse Cake, Durian Crepe etc for the in-laws and also my aunt. They use D24 durian to make them.

From 26 May to 31 July, you can have a range of durian pastries with the regular dessert buffet at their Coffee Lounge during lunch and dinner.

From their website it says:

There will be 6 durian delights available: Durian puff, Durian mousse cake, Durian cappuccino cake and the all-new homemade Durian pengat with glutinous rice and gula melaka. Special live station highlights are the Durian pancake and Mini chocolate or vanilla waffle cones filled with durian mousse. Other desserts in the buffet include delectable cakes, hot or chilled local desserts, ice cream and more. Prices are as follows:

-          $32.80++ per person (Dessert Buffet with Durian Pastries only)
-          $26.80++ per person (Top-up with any a la carte main course order)

Call their Coffee Lounge at 6730 1746 for enquiries and reservations.

2) RWS Invites Durian Extravaganza


The wife and I paid for an RWS subscription because we wanted to try out places at RWS. Recently in our snail mail, we got a brochure of their Durian Extravaganza brochure in the shape of an durian mailed to us. (The photo above) It came in a clear plastic wrap like how magazines are delivered. On the outside it had the words, "Warning, it smells!" We thought nothing of it, until a few days ago, I decided to open it up! The durian brochure has been scented with sweet durian smell!!

They are serving Jing Feng, Zhu Jiao, D13, D24, Ang Kar and Mao Shan Wang according to their invite. They said their durians will be freshly harvested on the day of the event just for their guest. They will also have tropical fruits Mangosteens, Rambutan, Jackfruits, Duku Langsats and Sugarcane to go with the durians.

Mark their dates if you are interested:

Date: 27 July 2012, Friday
Time: 7pm – 9pm or 9pm – 11pm
Venue: Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel® Singapore, Resorts World Sentosa

RWS Invites members: $48 for adults and $25 for children*
Non-members: $60 for adults and $35 for children*
*children aged 12 and below

For enquiries, please call +65 6577 9788 or email rwsinvites@rwsentosa.com

3) Sands Fruits Festival

Not missing out in the action is Marina Bay Sands. They have a 2 day fiesta that will have more than 10 kinds of tropical fruits for guests to indulge in. Their star will be the Mao Shan Wang variety. Also on the durian buffet is XO, D24 and Golden Phoenix.

Other popular fruits are mangosteens, lychees, longans and coconuts to go with the durians. There's also durian flavoured cream puffs and ice cream on the buffet line. 

Mark these dates:

Date: 21 and 22 July 2012 (Saturday and Sunday)
Time: 7pm - 11 pm
Venue: Event Plaza, Marina Bay Sands

$88 nett per person.
Family of four, can enjoy a package at $208 nett.

4) Corner Shop facing car park at Toa Payoh.

Not sure if it's true, but in the Hardwarezone forums, forumers there said that there's at $15 all you can eat for 1 hour durians.

Location is at Block 211, Lorong 8 Toa Payoh. The corner shop facing the car park.


Enjoy your durians!

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