Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mcdonalds @ NUS Engineering Canteen

It has somehow become a routine. When we have lunch at the NUS Engineering canteen, we will end up at Mcdonalds having 'desserts'.

We were tempted to go in by the advertisements. They have spicy Mcnuggets and Onion Rings now. We did not really like it. These nuggets are a tad dry.

Onion rings. Hmm.. the photo show many more rings. How come we have only so few? The photos they used for their adverts we always wonder if it's true.

(But you can be sure that this blog does not clear off the table, no special lighting etc, seen as it is.. so you can trust this blog right? haha..)

The two disappointments were redeemed by the Green Tea McFlurry.
We actually liked it. LOL...

I think it's the best McFlurry so far.

Yes, all of us had one each. (One couple shared one because someone 'die die' must have coffee)

Pretty childish don't you think? The McFlurry pyramid above. LOL
A fellow food blogger told me, don't you post this up.

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ice said...

hahahaha :)

hilarious! you just made my day. :)

Julia said...

haha, that's funny! Were other customers looking your way? My hubby would probably die of embarrassment if I did that! :)

Keropok Man said...

you like mcflurry too?

our skin's been a bit thick nowadays. LOL...

ice said...

hmm...I prefer hot fudge sundae! :D

Keropok Man said...

that's something i have not had for years!

mama bok said...

Spicy Mcnuggets eh..?? bet the ang mohs.. will be on fire here.. if they had some here.. :)

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