Thursday, June 12, 2008

Steamed Soups @ NUS Science Canteen (New stall)

Recently a new stall opened at the NUS Science Canteen. If you are familiar with the Science Canteen, Bambino is gone! A new stall selling steamed rice and steamed soups have taken over. It seems people in this canteen has been sick of eating the same thing. So when a new stall opens, everyone flocks over...

These photos were taken last week. Colleagues and I decided to give it a try. We ordered 4 different soups and 3 types of their steamed rice.

The Pork Ribs with Old Cucumber Soup. $2.20

The Chicken with Bitter Gourd Soup. $2.20

The Pork Ribs with Watercress soup. $2.20

The Pork Ribs with Szechuan Vegetable Soup. $2.20

All the soup was tasty. For me personally, I like the Szechuan Veg and the Bittergourd Soup.

For the steamed rice. They only had 3 kinds available when we were there, so we ordered all three. This is the Pork Ribs Rice. $2

This is the Chicken with Chinese Sausage Rice. $2
The other Chicken Rice $2 looks the same. Just take off the sausages and imagine it with more chicken.

The rice portions are kinda small. But filling enough for small to moderate eaters. Colleagues says that if you order a rice and soup to go with it, it will be expensive by canteen food standards. ;-)

We think it will survive for the time being...

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Kenny Mah // Life for Beginners said...

I think I ate too light a dinner... still hungry now and looking at these pics sure don't help! :P

Me, I prefer the Szechuan Veg and the Watercress soups... But they are all good. *perut lapar lewat malam*

backstreetgluttons said...

we did a quick calculation and conclude that singaporeans has better value for money food than Malaysians, quite possibly for sure

Anonymous said...

Wow! The soups looked power! And quite reasonably priced too!

Keropok Man said...


perut lapar kat KL senang lah. easy access to supper!

maybe, maybe not ;-)

ya, it's ok, but colleague said it's a bit small for the price though..

white olive said...

ack! look at the layer of oil...i think i'm biased when it comes to soups...anything else can have a layer of oil on it, but not soup....keke

Just12Finish said...

Awesome site! I just stumbled upon it yesterday. Well taken pics and so appetizing :-)

Doktor Who said...

Food looks good. Singlish by the kepo posters is bad though.

A bowl of rice and soup adds up to about $4. That's cheap if you ask any non-Malaysian/Singaporean. What more can you ask for?

Keropok Man said...

white olive,
haha.. i guess everyone's different. some like the oil on top, some don't. I guess that's why we are who we are. btw, I don't like oily soup too. :-p

does a layer of oil keeps the soup warm longer?

thanks for your visit :-)
come back for seconds ya. LOL...

doktor who,
Yes, singlish is bad, and it has become a bad habit that stayed on.

I have a bad habit of not reading what I post. When I read what I posted a few days later, I am usually embarrased by all the typos and grammar.

Sis is always nagging, told you, 1 minute of reading through what you posted won't kill you. it's so embarrassing.

Camemberu said...

ohhh love the soft bones in the pork rib old cucumber soup!

i also like szechuan veg!

everything so cheap! ah sigh.

Keropok Man said...

there are vegetables that you like!
get the thermal pot soon, all these can be made at home and healthier too!

Camemberu said...

Ya I think tomorrow I go and buy! Time to "pou tong" (brew soup!)

Keropok Man said...

Camemberu's Soup for the Hungry Soul. ;-)

mama bok said...

Awesome.. !! i love these soup..and the steam rice .. just about anytime.. :)

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