Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Something Peranakan

It must be a surprise, but the dishes we proposed some felt it too hard to come up with it. But everyone did come with something. We were blessed with so much food. No, none went to waste, leftover was 'packed' and people brought back other people's food that they liked.

Here's what we had. AYeo made Sambal Timun. (Sambal Cucumbers).

Es-Ng made the Nyonya Curry Chicken.

I made Babi Ponteh. (I should have prepared it overnight, the taste has not gone into the meat yet, and it was my first try. Not very good. :-p)

Ab-Sim made us Otah.

Sis made Fried Mee Siam.

SatuKosong made us Chap Chye.

Sis and I experimented food again. We made Cincaluk Eggs.
We had it a few days ago and tried to re-create it, but it was too too salty. We did not even add salt. Think we need to wash the cincaluk off some of its saltiness first.

Pete and Liz brought us Yellow rice.

It's not peranakan but Indonesian ;-)
The lodeh that goes with the yellow rice.

More of the condiments. Hard work!

GYeo brought loaves of bread.

AntQ made skewered eggs and fish/meat balls.

PChin made agar agar. This is Chrysanthemum flavour.

And Sarsi flavour too.

LyChin bought us these cute chewy buns with different types of toppings.

Think there are some other food, where I forgot to snap the photos. The photos above are also dark for some. So sorry about it.

Well, it was a fun eat in day. Wonder when will we do it again. ;-)

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Anonymous said...

lol. GYeo got it easy.

Anonymous said...

i hv a heavy do coming up, so just otah & chrys agar agar will do, thank you! kekeke


team bsg said...

we have yet to see a Nyonya Singpore kind of shop here in KL. Is there any one here ah ?

Anonymous said...

Yum Yum Yum

Camemberu said...


Even your sis cooked!

Hey the babi ponteh looks quite good leh!

How many people at all this?

I don't even like peranakan food and I am seriously drooling...

Angie said...


I've been visiting your blog for quite some time, really like your photos. I noticed you lunch around NUS/NUH quite often. There's a new stall(beside the chinese noodles stall) at NUS Science canteen selling Chinese steamed soup and steamed rice. It just opened this week and the queue was already snaking after 12pm. Tried the lotus root soup and corn/carrot soup, it's not bad at all. Thought you might be interested to try :)

Keropok Man said...

anon: ya, she did get it easy :-)

sw: nothing else? hehe..

teambsg: Melaka and Penang got so much Nyonya food. Think the ones in Melaka's the best lah.. KL, i dunno lah...

camemberu: think there was around 20 or 21 people. it was fun.

angie: thanks for your visits. ya ya, I know. guess what? colleagues and I ate at the new store today! think it has a long queue because the Chinese Food stall's closed.

We realise the Jap stall has vanished too. wonder what cuisine will be taking over.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Canada


The skewered eggs and fish/meat balls are most interesting like a kebab.

southernoise said...

keropok, we need to take up TM challenge for the BP potluck!

Keropok Man said...

Hi Canada!

yup, kebabs exist in all forms and varieties ;-)

yes, we should man. any theme? thinking of your ramen!

southernoise said...

ramen for potluck sounds like japanese soggy mee rebus to me! hahaa :P

tigerfish said...

Aiyoo....all the food is like so delicious and I like nonya/peranakan food wan...

your pork dish very professional leh. you are hiding all your skills...heh hehe....

Keropok Man said...

ramen no need to boil it first until we eat! so can potluck too. hehe..

professional meh? because of garnishing? hehe...

ohsolicious said...

care to share the recipe to the sambal timun?

Keropok Man said...

i did not make it. a friend made it. the next time I see her, i ask for the recipe ok? ;-)

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