Monday, June 16, 2008

Seafood Paradise @ Defu Lane 10

I'm back! Came back last nite and was so tired and the humidity here really hits you.

It's straight to having a delicious lunch on the first day back at work. It was a birthday celebration for 3 other colleagues whose birthday all fall on this month! Three of them are also in the same team maintaining our state of the art Unix servers.

Today's lunch is at Seafood Paradise that is situated in an industrial area at Defu Lane 10. It seems they have opened a branch at the Singapore Flyer too.

The first dish that came was the Seafood Supreme Fried Rice. Nicely done. The rice's coated with a golden hue, light and fluffy with pieces of crab meat and it has ebiko on top of it too.

We also had the broccoli that was topped with egg whites and scallops. The scallops hidden below it. We find this a bit bland.

The Homemade tofu. It's a big piece of tofu that's covered with meat floss. Below the meat floss you can find 'small bite size' sea cucumber, prawns and also vegetable. Not too bad.

The reason we came here is to have crabs!
This is the Crab in Superior Stock with vermicelli. Very starchy but nice. The 'tang hoon' taste quite good in the stock, which we think taste very chicken.

Posterior view. hehe..

The second crab we had it cooked with Butter.
Personally, I like the butter version. It's sweetish, but colleague said more butter would be better. We wanted mantou to go with this, but their supply of it has not arrived! arrghh..

But a little experiment, we added some butter sauce to the vermicelli, it tasted even better! LOL

Think this picture is a bit blurry. After eating crabs, your fingers get wobbly?
The Honey Pepper Ribs. Lovely.

How much? Read for yourself ya... If you use a HSBC card, you get 10% off ;-)

Seafood Paradise
91 Defu Lane 10
Swee Hin Building
Singapore 539221

Tel: 6487 2429

Operating Hours:
Mon - Sat
Lunch: 1130 - 1430
Dinner: 1730 - 2300

Sun & Public Holiday
Lunch: Close
Dinner: 1730 - 2300

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Julia said...

All that crab cracking and wrenching must have tired out the finger muscles, hence the blurry pic? :)

The food looks yums, nice change from the usual seafood restaurant dishes. First day back at work and such a sumptuous lunch already? You lucky guy...Send my regards to Momo, thanks!

Anonymous said...

ur frens are patient to hv their food taken when every dish looks so delish!


Kenny Mah // Life for Beginners said...

WHAT??!! Butter crab without mantou? How can? :(

Camemberu said...

The first crab looks like it's rising out of the tanghoon soup, saying "RAARR, I'm coming to get you!"

So, ceteris paribus, how would this compare to Big Eater's crabs? :)

tigerfish said...

I thought of sharks fins with crab meat when I saw the crab + tang hoon dish! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Item 5 on the receipt looked like "Who's Ribs in Honey Pe"


Keropok Man said...

Yes, I think so! It's hard work eating crabs! Especially if you got to dig out the flesh.

I have to take them really quickly. Or eyes will stare at me. LOL

What to do? They dont have it. Someone jokingly said, go to 7-11 buy gardenia.

Bit different from Big Eaters. The cooking style is diff. Colleague who brought us here said these two styles are what they are good in. A bit starchy for the superior stock, and we all think more butter would be nicer for the second one. We think we are just too picky and demanding. But it was good. We were satisfied and so very full. :-)

you 'gian' to have some sharks fin izit? Still missing your CA kitchen is it?

what are you thinking? LOL...

Crunchasarus Rex said...

Wow..!! crabs..!!

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