Friday, June 13, 2008

Thunder Tea Rice @ Food Republic, VivoCity

I have never heard about Thunder Tea Rice until I read about it at Camemberu's blog.

So the other day when I was at Food Republic Vivo City, I saw the Thunder Tea Rice, I thought I should try it. Hey, I actually like it! All the veg and stuff on it reminds sis and I of korean bibimbab. I had the brown rice version. $4.50

After stirring it, it becomes a tasty and lovely mess.

Oh, this is the yukky part. The green stuff that you are suppose to pour into the rice. When I tried the soup, urrghh..... horrible. Then I remembered, it is suppose to be good. So I forced myself to drink it. I did not finish the soup though. I ate it by scooping a spoonful of soup and adding rice into the spoon. :-P

I finished the rest of the delicious rice without this soup.

Sis did not want to have that rice. She had Brown Rice with Basil Chicken instead. $6.00
She did not enjoy this. She said the my vege rice taste better. LOL....

OK Confess up. Did you finish your vegetable today?

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winster said...

i think the tea rice is lui cha, a hakka dish. i think the soup taste horrible too, but some people love it :p

Anonymous said...

Oh, I had my first try at thunder tea rice here too! Agree, the soup is horrible. I only managed three spoons of it, but I liked the rice, especially the crispy ikan bilis, french beans, and chai poh. :)


Keropok Man said...

i like the rice but not the soup. maybe if i taste more of it, i might start to like it. hmmm nah...

I forced fed myself half the bowl of it, thinking maybe I will start to like it. I am laughing at myself now...

Janice Dhing Woon said...

i simply love thunder tea rice.. when i saw the heading.. i've to stop awhile to digest what is thunder tea rice - which translate to Lui Cha Fan.
If you come to Kuching, look for me, i shall bring you to the best Lui Cha in town. Coz people who hate Lui Cha, learn to love it after they ate from this stall :)

Camemberu said...

The soup on its own is not so nice. You have to pour it in to the rice and let the ingredients soak in it and flavour it a little. Tastes wonderful when infused with the ikan bilis and dried shrimp.

But I don't pour in the whole bowl, just half. :)

Hey we must go and try the Geylang one, next to Old Mother Hen, they say is nicer than this Suntec franchise.

Keropok Man said...

Which stall? I have colleagues who are Kuchingites. Maybe they know which stall. Kuching = Kolo mee & Sarawak Laksa in my mind. hehe...

Yes, next outing! :-)

Sis and I, we were still thinking of the Hokkien mee whilst in Darwin! LOL..

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