Monday, June 02, 2008

A Peranakan Food Party at Home...

Just the other day, we saw a friend on Msn Messenger had the message tagged behind her nickname that she had prepared nyonya curry chicken. Out of gluttony or sorts, I asked if she would cook for us. She said yes, but there's no such thing as a free lunch!

Then it morphed into a 'let's prepare a menu, and send it out to a few friends who might appreciate Peranakan Food. See if they are interested to prepare a dish and join us.' kind of gathering.

We themed it 'Something Peranakan'. We came out with this too, sent out with the invitation.

*The Bibik's Fiery Kari Ayam*
A secret recipe stashed under Bibik's bed. The fussy and meticulous bibik prepares the drool some Kari Ayam.

*Ponteng School for Babi Ponteh*
Organic black pork, secretly imported from Hokkaido. Tenderly braised with Fictitiously Organic Black Bean under the charcoal flames.

*Not Bananas, but Udang Nanas*
Succulent wild prawns and freshly picked juicy sun-riped pineapple. Now you know how nyonyas capture their baba's hearts.

*Hey Mr Cabin aka Enche Kabin*
Hand Crafted with tender loving hands. Little golden nuggets made from 10 exquisite ingredients. Please leave some for others.

*Oh What a Mess - The Ultimate Rojak*
The salad with a difference. Forget extra virgin olive oil. This orient salad uses the highest grade hae-ko and the freshest ingredients.

*Dancing for Dessert - Bubur Cha Cha*
Cha Cha Cha, you gotta dance for your dessert. Questionably Organic Sweet Potato, Tender Yam, Sago and Extra Virgin Coconut Milk. Drool on....

The replies that came in was so funny! Here are some snippets of the replies:

- There is no such thing as free lunch. So those who come empty-handed, will be tasked to clean the house, or give me foot and shoulder massage ... pick one

- I am on for the Peranakan challenge. How about we come in Peranakan wear too? :)

- tough tough.. I got to increase my repertoire..

- Wow. very hard man, 90% of the ingredients don't know me and I don't know them. :)

- eh guys can we cater?? dun stress ourselves over a holiday break!! We should just watch estella make her nice nonya curry =)

- I'm lost in in deep blue sea....... Can I have more details? Also.... which is fact and which is fiction?????? I can volunteer peranakan water----- u havent heard of it???? its the oldest recipie in peranakan history...... they cant live without it.

- onz! but cooking peranakan food is not my forte (or any other kind of food).. can i just volunteer to chop something?

Well, it did happened! Want to guess what our friends came up with?

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