Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Da Wan Zhou / Superbowl @ Boat Quay

Met up with a few friends and we thought we could have porridge as the 'once' famous Da Wan Zhou. It was a Saturday afternoon, so the whole Boat Quay is not alive yet.

Da Wan Zhou - Superbowl @ Boat Quay

No, Superbowl's not a bowling place. LOL...
It's just porridge serve in big bowls.

Superbowl / Da Wan Zhou @ Boat Quay

One of the naughty shots. All the porridge looks the same.
This picture does tell you something though. See to saliva? Coz the porridge's so so and does not salivate. LOL..

Fish and Beef Porridge

This is the 'superbowl', I think two items on the menu that was pricier than others.
It had the expensive ingredients inside.

Big Bowl of porridge

Big bowl of porridge with abalone, oysters...

We did not fancy the porridge above, but we loved their Fried Mee Suah though.
This was tasty. (the porridge was bland).

Fried Mee Suah

The (I forgot what) prawns were also not too bad. Remember it being crunchy and not too oily.

Fried Prawns

Luckily we ordered other side dishes like Stir Fried Frog legs to go with the porridge. Froggies were ok.

Stir Fry Frog Legs

The pork ribs. Think I don't fancy this. :-)

Pork Ribs

The Oyster Omelet was not too bad though.

Oyster Eggs

Yes, we had our greens..

Dou Miao

A friend came late and we had finish most of the food, so he ordered a fried rice to fill his tummy ;-)

Fried Rice

I wonder what the original porridge tasted like when it was famous during the heydays.

Da Wan Zhou / Superbowl
80/80A Boat Quay
Singapore 049868

Tel: 6538 6066

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Cookie said...

What a feast! I usually add some soy sauce when I order porridge if I think it's bland. I've never had frog legs before!

cat_aunty said...

It tasted so so the last time as well....oh gosh it must have been ten years ago I went to that place

Anonymous said...

Oh mine! this place is like famous during the late 80s and early 90s. Almost forgotten.

Camemberu said...

Wow this place is still surviving? Back in the heydays, it tasted also so-so nia.

The mee suah looks interesting though.

Keropok Man said...

Frog legs are nice. You won't know it's froggie if no one tells you it is :-)

cat_aunty, camemberu,
ya, this so so place can survive so long. while other places close down after 2-3 years. why ah?

yes, almost forgotten. When you enter the place, it's like entering into a different decade, with the deco. LOL...

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