Saturday, September 05, 2009

Mooncakes by Bee Cheng Hiang

FYI, the mooncakes we ate for this post and few days ago are not sponsored posts. :-)

A colleague who is a Bee Cheng Hiang fan bought some mooncakes for the rest of us to eat. Ya, the Bak Kwa company makes mooncakes too.

We found she likes all certain shops because they give Linkpoints! (hehe... it's true. Many people do that. I do that too sometimes. I will go to Unity instead of Guardian, because I can get Linkpoints. These points collection business do get into our heads right? sigh.... )

We realise the boxes are the same as last year's. If we don't want the boxes from the various mooncake shops, can we get a discount? The packaging just goes to waste right?

Bee Cheng Hiang Mooncakes

She knows us well. She knows most of us don't like the salted yolks. So she bought us the traditional lotus paste version.

1 box of 4 mooncakes

We thought it was not bad. Not too oily too.

It says White Lotus Paste

It was quarters this time because we were feeling gluttony. LOL
The last one we cut them into eights. ;-)

Mooncakes cut into quarters

Bee Cheng Hiang outlet all over the island.
Oh, our colleague told us it's really cheap too. $5 each for the lotus paste only version.

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Anonymous said...

u don't want the box? that kind with a magnetic clip are great for storage purposes! u can put small knick-knacks like stationery, note pads, calculators, colour pencils, whatever. even make-up?

it keeps the dust away from ur belongings too. it's good! i like it. heh. don't laugh at me.

Keropok Man said...

Hehe... I know many people who are like u.

I put them in transparent $2 daiso boxes. They used to sell big ones. I prefer transparent ones so I can see what's inside without opening the box. :-)

Every year during CNY cleaning, we find lots of mooncake tins, biscuits tins etc. hehe...

Meg in Nelson said...

yes, two please! With bigger green tea, not Jasmin tea.

Keropok Man said...

are u sure two is enough? one for you and one for ben? or both for yourself? :-p

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