Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sushi Tei @ Paragon

Sometimes I wonder if I reveal too much as I jot down our eating adventures on this online diary. But it seems everyone loves to read other people's diary? Anyway, I don't reveal our faces and names, so there's still some anonymity. But everyone knows sis and bro-in-law is back. LOL..

Since our sis and BIL are only here for 3 days, sis is busy meeting up with friends, doing manicures and pedicures, having her hair cut etc. (She says it is the same price, different currency.)

Momo and I met up with them for dinner after their tea and shopping with friends. Sis and BIL said they want Japanese food when we texted them what they would like for dinner. The city in UK where they live only has 1 'urrgh so so' Japanese restaurant. We thought of Sushi Tei because it's my birthday month and I get 20% off with the Sushi Tei card. (haha.. why not right? and No, this is not a free meal from Sushi Tei. We paid for it.)

This is what they picked that they missed. Jellyfish! They missed their jellyfish.

Jelly Fish

Scallops! There was so many kinds on the menu, they asked which is nice? We told them this is nice, and we ordered one for each person. I just love the salty mayo like thingy on it.


Soft shell crabs. Crabs again! Sometimes you don't know what your siblings like to eat until you start documenting them. I realise both my sisters loves crabs. I never knew it. Guess what? I recently realise I can 'bribe' them with crabs.

Me: Xiao mei, can you help me run this errand? Please... 
Sis: Don't want lah. So far away..
Me: I will treat you to a crab meal lah. Can?
Sis: Hmm... You say one ah. Crab meal. Ok lah!
Don't laugh! It works!

Soft Shell Crabs

Sashimi Salad, we had it with the Sesame dressing. Sometimes veggies can taste so good. ;-)

Sashimi Salad

The Miso hot pot! We like this so we thought they will like it too.
Yup, they liked it. With all the seafood inside, of course it is tasty. We found out what seafood that our BIL can't eat. Noted.

Spicy Seafood Hot Pot

Oh, the Sushi Tei in Paragon has moved to a new location. It is now much bigger and nicer too! It's at the new wing of Paragon now. As we were seated at a darker, an area with soft lighting, the food photo is 'dark'-ish. :-)

Sushi Tei @ Paragon
290 Orchard Road 
Singapore 238859

Tel:  +65 6235 1771
Fax: +65 6235 1661
Hours : 11.30am to 10.00pm daily

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Life for Beginners said...

Bribing with crabs? I wonder when folks are gonna bribe me with foie gras? Hehe.

myfoodsirens said...

I've been on a Jap food spree lately.. Reckon it's time to go Sushi Tei soon! Haha how I wish I can borrow your card!

Keropok Man said...

Life for Beginners,
Bribe you with Nasi Lemak? That's very common right? hehe...

Or Kopi? That's even more common. Or have they upgraded to Starbucks now? LOL

Hehe... Grab a card from them. I think they give more vouchers than what you pay for the card.

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