Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Haagen Dazs @ VivoCity

We met up with friends who is back in Singapore for holidays. Some had dinner and some met up for tea/supper/ice cream/drinks. (haha.. I am confused).

I think it's more like ice cream. We walked towards Ben & Jerry and found out they close really early! So we walked over to Haagen Dazs. We asked them if they are closing soon, they said they close at 12 midnight. Yey!

So thus begins our ice cream adventure....
They all looked so pretty eh?

So many kinds of flavours...

choc chip with walnuts and crepe

So many kinds of toppings...

strawberry sorbet with waffle

So many combinations...

Choc with crepe and banana

Even so many kinds of designed sets....

Haagen Dazs5

If you don't fancy any frills, there's the good old 'ice cream only' option.

Green Tea & Choc

If any of the above is not your cup of tea, this cup of camomile tea might be. :-p

camomile tea

Great to meet up with Ms AY, our librarian friend, who is back on holidays while doing her post graduate degree far far away. :-)

It's people like her that makes the National Library such a nice place ya!

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