Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ming Kee Live Seafood @ McPherson Road

We are back again here. Our aunt heard us describing the food here and said we should bring her here, so we did. Everyone enjoyed their food. Our extended family came and there was 9 of us.

As usual, (I think is the lady boss) took our orders. I think everyone that comes here practically orders the same things! Depending on how many people, you order the different sizes and number of varieties.

We had 9 of us, so everyone could try more things. This is the crispy fish skin. The little ones in the family liked it the most.

Crispy Fish Skin

The tofu, mushroom and broccoli was nice too. I love biting into braised mushrooms. *smile*

Tofu, mushroom and broccoli

We were telling aunt about the 'hua la' that we had, so she was expecting it.
But we were told that there's no hua la today. They had the big lala today. It was equally nice. Oh, this sauce goes well with the crispy fish skin.

Tua Tao

Aunt was glad that there's the bamboo clams. We thought the kids wont like it as it had lots of garlic. We were wrong. They actually liked the butter fried garlic with the bamboo clams.

Bamboo Clams

Ah.. the crabs. Sis' favourite. Maybe not only sis, but a few person on the table's favourite.

2 Crabs for our Crab Bee Hoon

This is the youngest girl on the table, our P4 niece picking up a crab. Her hands are so small and the crab claws so big!

The little girl wants the crab

The "Or Bit" (in hokkien) or Guinness Pork Ribs. They were good. Not very strong, just nice.

Guinness Pork

The pork ribs and this is part of the combi platter. The 'this' is fried chicken wrapped with I think it was tofu skin. Very nice and it's moist inside.

Fried Chicken Wraps

By the time we had all the above, we were already so full. Oops we over ordered.
But this is not bad though. The Nyonya style Patin Fish. We think the fish is slightly undercooked though.

Nyonya Style Patin Fish

The dessert to sweetened our meal. Or Nee - Yam Paste, that's topped with so much gingko.

Or Nee

If you are coming to try the food here, we recommend you place a booking. It's alwyas crowded.

Ming Kee Live Seafood
556 Macpherson Road
Singapore 368231

Tel: 6747 4075

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Anonymous said...


What a great seafood dinner.

The Patin fish looks fierce!

Fish skin 'bad for health'... maybe ok for kids.


Life for Beginners said...

Hehe, it looked as if she was shaking hands (fingers?) with the crab... :P

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