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Grill Out! @ Sunset Way

This was a birthday treat from Uncle and Aunt on Sunday. Our Aunt heard from friends that Grill Out is quite a nice place and their food's pretty good too. So we came her for lunch.

On early Sunday morning, it was raining very heavily. For me when I woke up, I thought what a wonderful sign from above! It's showers of blessings and it's since it's really pouring, God's really generous too! He has always been hasn't He?

At around 1.30pm when we came for lunch, the rain had stopped and the weather is just perfect for al-fresco dining!

We sat down and we saw that this place serves kobe beef and kurobuta. We were pleased because we knew their chefs would be trained to not do silly things with great meats. :-)

Grill Out @ Sunset Way

We like this place when we came because the various host and hostess were really helpful and patient with us. She explained to us what the various cuts were because we asked things on the menu like what's Pork Skirts, Pork Collar, Pork Butt etc. (I am sure you didn't know pigs or cows wear skirts too eh?)

After placing our orders, we were promptly served some bread and butter.

Bread n Butter

We all ordered the different sets and it all came with soup of the day which was Prawn Paste Soup. All of us except sis liked it. Never mind, we had hers. :-)

Prawn Bisque

Some items that we shared:

The Clams and Mussels in White Wine sauce's really really tasty! We all preferred the clams more than the mussels though. (Mussels as usual has too much 'taste of the sea') If we would to come again, we will just order the clams instead of a mixture of both. The sauce just made it so nice. I nearly want to drink it!

Clams and Mussels

The Pork Collar was nice too. (Sorry for the blur photo).
There's a hint of vinegarish taste in it, which makes it quite appetizing. It was quite tender. See the bits of mustard at the side, it goes well with the pork too!

(It kinda reminded us delicious pork collar bbq meat you get on the streets of Bangkok.)

Pork Collar

We had oysters too. Some of us wanted it raw and others slightly cooked, so we voted.

So, the oysters were served slightly grilled and hey, I liked it. A bit of heat does makes a difference! It was still raw oysters but not so 'fishy'.

Fresh Oysters

Now for the mains.

We saw the "2 to dine for $26" deal and asked what it was. We get to choose 2 mains but it's only from a shorter list of choice. We thought it was good and took up the deal.

The next 4 mains are from the deal.

Our cousin had the Sirloin Steak done medium. It was nicely charred and juicy and the little girl liked it.


Uncle had the Pork Collar Butt. It was tender. He enjoyed it. (so did the rest who 'taxed' some of the meat.)


Aunt had the Pork Skirt Pasta and we were quite surprised by it. It was very delicious. It was al-dante and had the what we call 'wok hei' fragrant to it. The Pork Skirt was really tender and moist. This section of meat is supposedly one of the better ones because of the high fat to meat ratio. So after grilling it, it's oh! so yummy!

Pork Skirt Pasta

Sis' order of grilled fish was so so only according to her.
So she was picking on our food.

Grilled Fish

The next two mains (I think it's around $30 + each) were from the 'usual' mains menu. The mystery was solved when we saw the portions! They were huge. The 2 for $26 deal was a bit smaller. But they were all quite worth it.

Momo had the Peri Peri Chicken. Usually when you see a whole chicken served, it's a spring chicken, but this is not a spring chicken and a full size chicken! The sauce was nice and you could see that Momo enjoyed it and was totally stuffed!

Peri Peri Chicken

I initially ordered the Beef Ribs. But they came back and told us they ran out, and they asked if I wanted the Short Ribs instead. So I said OK.

I don't think I had Short Ribs before. It looks so 'different'. So nice looking and such a big portions too! Oh, the mustard sauce with it made it taste very good. Everyone who tasted bits of it liked it too.

Short Ribs

While we were eating midway, Jon (whom I think is the boss?) asked how was everything and we said everything's good. I think Aunt casually mentioned that we are here for my birthday. Then at the end of the meal, he surprised us by bringing out a cake! (Oh, it was so embarrassing!)

The cake was good. It was warm brownies with ice cream on top. I think it's from Peaberry & Pretzel which is just next door. Such a nice gesture and what a pretty cake too!

(See, the showers of blessings thingy I mentioned... it's already happening!)

Warm Brownies with ice cream

We were very satisfied with our lunch. We think this place is a good alternative to Astons.
(Except maybe the fish for mains.)

I am not sure if they give cakes all the time to birthday boys or girls, but their service's very good. Maybe it was because we were in a big group? Maybe he was feeling happy that day too? We will most probably go back a few more times. :-)

Grill Out
106 Clementi Street 12 (Sunset Way)
Singapore 120106

Tel: 6774 7001
Hours: 11.30 am to 10.00 pm

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Sistafood said...

The oysters look so fat & juicy! *slurp*
Oh! And there's brownie too! Waaa..drooling over your food already. haha
Oh ya, we went to tried out Kim's Family Restaurant already. It was marvelous! Now we can understand why you can go back 3 days within 2 weeks! Super value for money!

ladyironchef said...

wa seh, 2 for 26? me want to go. haha

Lone Acorn said...

What a wonderful meal you must had.

Meg in Nelson said...

Mussels... Yummm....

Keropok Man said...

Ya, the food at this place is not bad!

haha.. I went back to kim's again last week. LOL...

it's not too far from where u are. :-)

lone acorn,
yes it was a good meal!

NZ mussels are one of the nicer ones around! we get them here too u know, those from NZ :-)

Dutchie said...

Ur aunt n uncle sure knows how to pamper a birthday boy ! Congrats n many happy returns.

Very considerate of Grill Out as well to surprise u with a treat !

Keropok Man said...

Thanks Dutchie.

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