Thursday, September 24, 2009

Two Chefs Eating Place @ Commonwealth

One of our close friend was in Singapore and we called up the rest of the 'gang' to have dinner together. KC placed a booking at one Cafe, and on the night before the makan, he was told they forgot his booking and apologized.

We did not want to change the date so we went to Two Chefs at Commonwealth instead. There was like 17 of us, and we had to sit in two tables. Two tables of exactly the same food.

What did we have? KC and family arrived before all of us and took the libery to order first. We know this place is busy and there's usually a long wait before the food's served, so it was a good move.

We did not really ask what he ordered and it was like a surprise each time a dish comes out. I think surprises are good. ;-)

We had their Marmite Chicken. A little salty which is expected, but it was nice.

Marmite Chicken

Their butter pork ribs which is famous. Yes, it was nice. ;-)

Butter Ribs

The vegetables with 3 eggs dish. If you don't eat vegetables, you should at least try this.

Veg with 3 Eggs

We like cockles and we discovered we have lots of 'kakis' for cockles for this group of friends. We wallop 4 plates of it. It's a bit sweet and garlicy. ;-)


The You Tiao stuffed with fish meat and topped with meat floss. Nice!

You Tiao

Their 'signboard dish', the tofu and inoki toufu dish. Goes really well with rice!

Tofu w Mushrooms

When we thought we are done, more food came!
Oatmeal prawns. Nice...

Cereal Prawns

We really thought the prawns was the last dish.
Then crabs started appearing. Black Pepper crabs. Taste good!

Black Pepper Crab

Next was chilli crabs. Sauce is nice too.

Chilli Crab

We did not regret changing venue. It was very satisfying indeed. Yummy!

Two Chefs Eating Place
Blk 116 Commonwealth Crescent,
Singapore 140116
Tel: 64725361, 94379712

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Anonymous said...


These dishes don't look like typical chinese food. Looks exotic!


Life for Beginners said...

Anything with more than one sorta egg is very cool with me. ;)

Keropok Man said...

It is lah. Just different variations of it. :-)

Hehe.. Salted Eggs, Century Eggs and Normal Eggs. So simple and yet so tasty eh?

Dutchie said...

*sigh* ... makes me not want to cook ! Beam some over can ?

Keropok Man said...

if that technology exist, i can beam you the food i have everyday! hehe..

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