Friday, November 06, 2009

Benkei Japanese @ NUS Science Canteen

It's another quick lunch at NUS.

A colleague who had tried it previously said the Swordfish set at the Japanese stall beside Spinelli's quite value for money. I saw the queue was short and my legs controlled by the brain who was manipulated by the growling stomach brought me to this stall.

The set has two kinds of fried stuff. One of it is supose to be sword fish. I have absolutely no idea which is the sword fish. But what I know that the fried stuff tasted good. That's Japanese curry on top of it, not the usual curry, but a little peppery.

Sometimes you don't really care if it's authentic, if it makes you happy, that's enough.

Swordfish Set

Served with white rice and black sesame seeds. A bowl of soup and 3 little jellies.
$4.20 and you get a stamp on their frequent diner card.

White Rice with Black Sesame

Ben Kei Japanese Food
NUS Science Canteen
National University of Singapore.

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