Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Uncle Penyet @ NUS Science Canteen

Colleagues and I visited the Science canteen at NUS and noticed this very long queue at the Claypot Stall. We thought it was the Claypot stall, but when we got nearer, we saw it's not the Claypot Stall anymore! It is now called Uncle Penyet!

They have all sorts of Penyet too! Ayam Penyet (Smashed Chicken), Udang Penyet (Smashed Prawns), Pomfret Penyet, Dory Penyet, Chicken Wing Penyet. Are we in for a 'smashing' good time I wonder? LOL..

All sorts of penyet they have!

The queue was too long the day we were there. So we went back 3 days later. This time we were mentally prepared to queue up. We all ordered the same set! The Ayam Penyet Set. ($4)

All of us ordered the same crispy chicken!

A huge piece of crispy chicken thigh, a piece of fried tofu, cucumber and the chilli sauce.

How's it? If you are not a health freak, crispy chicken always taste good! The chilli was nice, it's not tongue burning spicy, so I like it. One colleague said it's not spicy enough. he likes it to sting his tongue (mad!).

The Ayam Penyet Set

It comes with rice that's soaked with yummy curry over it.

Rice soaked with curry

We hope the portion size and standard will remain. Most canteen stalls in NUS always tend to shrink in size and quality after a while. Many students and staff knows that, so is that why they are queuing while it's new? :-p

We all recognise the operator. They are the same people selling the Indonesian Panggang at Engineering Canteen. We have not been there for some time, we wonder if they are having two stalls now, or have moved over. The stall sells the Ayam Panggang too. (the first photo is only half the signboard haha)

Oh ya.. we find it amusing that though they sell 'penyet' stuff, none of the ayam sets we ordered were 'penyet'. Are they too busy to do the last step? ;-p

Uncle Penyet
(beside the fruits stall, formerly the Claypot Stall)
Science Canteen
National University of Singapore.

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Anonymous said...

From what I've heard, the claypot uncle was diagnosed with cancer so he decided to retire. So sad that this had to happen to him.

Anyway, thanks for the interesting posts. I also work at NUS and sometimes visit your blog whenever I need to find a place to eat at NUS.


Keropok Man said...

Hi SP.

Oh, so sad to hear that. That stall has been around for the longest time and is many people's favourite stall.

Let's hope he recovers soon.

Thanks for visiting and dropping a note here too.

Sivasothi said...

Gosh the claypot stall has closed, after what, more than two decades? Sad to hear about the rumour; will ask the other stall holders.

ice said...

lol smashing prawns sounds nice. :P

Dutchie said...

I bought a pack of 4 chilled chicken legs like those in ur pix on my way back. It's been such a cold misty day. I'm in the mood for a spicy chick but has opted for a quick chicken soup. While that cooks, I hv the time to tidy up the place ;-*

U mentioned 2 separate canteens. It brought back memories of an incident during primary school. One of my classmate discovered that the canteen serves better n cheaper food at the secondary school across the field (we share during PE lessons). And yes, the yong-tau-foo was sumptious ! Running back when the bell tolls, we were gathered up by the headmaster who gave us a tongue lashing abt breaking the rules. Well, that adventure ended short n sweet.

Keropok Man said...

Ya, it's like the longest lasting stall at Science Canteen!

This business is good for those who loves to hit things! LOL

I think spicy chicken would have been better? hehe...

Somehow when there's good food, people will travel. Even when you are in primary school! kinda like in-built sensors!

Edison said...

I'm an NUS engineering student, but I understand that the same uncle has at least another stall (selling panggang) at NTU's new canteen.

Interesting to hear about "Uncle Penyet", will check it out soon :)

Keropok Man said...

Hi Edison,

Ooo.. this uncle business has gone big! He has so many stalls now. :-)

Anonymous said...

bleah i was overcharged for my yong tau foo today, i ordered 8 ingredients only but the uncle must have thought that i ordered 9 ingredients with noodles...
on a side note i think i'll avoid the science canteen's fruit stall, while i was fishing out my money to pay for my guava, the uncle started picking out a slice of guava before finally settling on the one that was right in front that had a black spot on it!
anyway, thanks for all the food recommendations, i shall try pai gu mian next time! my friend says that the beef curry udon and pineapple mango juice from the science canteen are very nice, perhaps you could give them a try (:

Keropok Man said...

Hi Anon,

Oh, the dessert stall, err, most of us thinks it is no longer giving us value for money for it. We also don't like drink stalls that gives you too much ice! hehe.. Hmmm maybe I shall try the pineapple mango juice and see if it can change our minds about them. ;-)

Oh ya, for those ordering the penyet. we realise something, if they run out of the tofu, it's omitted. a colleague felt a bit short changed. Maybe it was just him. LOL

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