Monday, November 09, 2009

The Prime Society @ Dempsey

It was our Uncle's birthday and also our Uncle and Aunt's wedding anniversary. Momo said to me, let it be her treat this time. So Momo was tasked to do the planning. We asked Uncle his choice of cuisine, he said 'Western' (as usual). LOL.

So, it was proclaimeth on the first day in the month of November, in the year 2009 Anno Domini, lunch will be at The Prime Society. The edict was issued but where can ye find horses and horseman to proclaim it? Fret not for the decree was conveyed using the Short Messaging System.

Here we are at TPS.

Lunch at The Prime Society @ Dempsey

Looks very classy in here. We were there at around 12 noon and no one's really there yet, so it was nice and quiet. We were looking at the menu and can't decide what to eat! We wanted to try everything!

The 'paper mat' that was in front of us was a diagram of an animal and what are the parts called. There was the pictoral diagram of cow, pig etc. We were talking about what's the nicest part to try and our server came. He was asking if we needed help. We casually asked him what's nice to eat, and he told us something which I could not remember. (I was twittering. haha). Everyone was chatting with the our server.

Suddenly when I look up, our server came back and showed us two pieces of meat. They must have been talking about meat. Ooo... you could see Momo and my cousin's eyes suddenly brightened! These two meat lovers was almost salivating.

The ladies talked further and then our server recommended that we should share a piece of rump steak. They have a special price for it too! He came back in a while and showed us this huge piece of meat with a bone. If we are willing to wait, they will prepare something very delicious for us.

That's it. We said yes. Uncle and Aunt also gave nod of approval and we waited patiently with great anticipation!

(We convince him to let us take a photo of the meat we are eating. No, they don't know who we are... LOL)

The piece of meat we are eating.

So, the meat went off immediately to the kitchen to be slowly cooked for us. Our server came back shortly to take the rest of our orders. We had oysters. Someone the whole table likes it raw. So raw it is...
That's a small glass of sparking water. It's to dip the oysters in if you want to remove the salty taste?

Oyster Raw

We saw a dumpling dish that had wagyu and wasabi dumplings. Momo wanted to try that, so here's our order. We were told it's usually comes in a bowl, but since we are sharing, the put it in little cups for us. How thoughtful of them.

The soup's warm and comforting. There's the little mushroom inside and it's either Wagyu beef dumpling or wasabi dumpling. The soup made me think of Bovril soup the ones that we eat when we were young. :-)

Dumpling Soup - Wasabi Dumpling and Wagyu Dumplings

It was worth the wait. Ah... our Rump Steak ready. The aroma was absolutely captivating. All of us wanted it medium so it was just as we wanted. When we first ordered it we told them our aunt eat meat 'kosher style', ie no blood. No problem. After they serve the meat to us, we chose two nice slices to be brought back to the kitchen to grill it further, just for aunt.

Our roast presented to us.

The other view of our piece of meat. The long bone that I took up pretended to be a barbarian and started to bite it. LOL... You wont get to see the photos here. :-p

The long bone which I later tried to chew. LOL

The sides that comes with the order of the steak:
- French beans and asparagus. So light and delicious.
- Baked potato cubes.
- Grilled Portobello mushrooms.

Our sides - Mushroom, Potatoes and Asparagus

We had another side dish to go.

Our starter salad

This is what I had. So tender, juicy and  love the crust that's so fragrant. (the nice crispy fragrant kind like roast pork). We had 3 kinds of sauce - blue cheese sauce, mushroom and beef jus.

My Beef

Oh wait, the parts that you get to carve by ordering meat on the bone is also very nice. Those parts are crispy and almost divine.

We also sneaked a peak at Aunt's meat. It was still juicy but just without the clear bloody flowing out. She liked it. But our cousin took a bit and said, I prefer mine with blood. LOL....

Great lunch we had here. Thanks to Momo for treating us to this lovely Sunday afternoon meal.

The Prime Society @ Dempsey
10 Dempsey Road
Singapore  247696

Tel: 6474  7427 (concidently 6474 RIBS)

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gosh, the beef look so good... *drools*

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I tell you it taste really good too! hehe...

bsg beta 4 said...

This place really feels Prime and worthy of a 2nd wedding feast ( can say we say one )

shobs said...

makes me go weak in the knees, u'r blog does :)

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