Thursday, November 12, 2009

Uncle Penyet @ NUS Science Canteen

We had the Ayam Penyet from this stall last week. Since it's still fresh in our minds, we were thinking about having it again. The queue seems to be moving faster now. There is still a queue, but it clears very fast.

This time we tried something different, something cheaper from the menu. The Chicken Wing Penyet. $2.80
Not too bad right? 2 chicken wings, 1 piece of fried tofu, cucumbers slices and a few cherry tomatoes. Chicken is nice and crispy.

Chicken Wings Penyet

I asked for the rice to be drenched with more curry. I love lots of curry on my rice. I also ask for extra vegetable top up. So lunch was $3.50 in total.

2 other colleagues also ordered the same thing. ;-)

Rice with curry and extra curry veg

But be careful of their chilli though. If your stomach can't take it, you will suffer the next day. LOL

Uncle Penyet
Science Canteen.
National University of Singapore.

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Anonymous said...

$2.80 for 2 chicken wings, 1 piece of fried tofu, cucumbers slices and a few cherry tomatoes is a real deal. Enjoy it while you can, of course don't tell Uncle Penyet it is a steal :)


Keropok Man said...


But a colleague and friend said it's not authentic enough.

kath said...

Im crazy over that cabbage in curry dish, searching for the recipe online but cant find one. Can you please help me with a recipe please????? Also the very simple dish of long beans... Also the cabbage without curry but still very good I dont know what theyre called as there are no name tags beside them everytime I order and even if I try to ask what they are 99% of the time the person manning the stall doesnt speak good english and will be annoyed with me for asking so many questions!

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