Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Daily Scoop - ice cream cafe @ Chip Bee Gardens

If you are a fan of ice cream, you would have know of The Daily Scoop that quietly tucked away at Sunset Way. Though hidden in the 'ulu' part of Clementi, ice cream lovers still make their way there to taste their ice cream.

You would be glad to know that they have recently open a new branch at Holland Village. Again, tucked away at the more quiet side of Holland Village, at Chip Bee Gardens. I think they are only a month old at this location. We were here on a Saturday afternoon and you can see a non-stop stream of people coming in for ice cream.

The Daily Scoop @ Chip Bee Gardens

Don't you like the name? The Daily Scoop. If only we can have a scoop a day and yet keep the calories away!

I personally think that their ice cream is the top 3 of the local ice cream cafes. Try it yourself and see if it's true. Ice cream is a personal thing, so let's see if you taste agree with mine. ;-)

The Daily Scoop - ice cream cafe

Why did we come here? Remember yesterday's post where I was with the ladies?  Since I have been behaving, I was treated to ice cream! Yay!

What flavours did we have?

Tai-Tai A had a double scoop of ice cream. Lychee Martini and a Chocolate. Do I need to describe the flavour to you? No need lah.... you can all imagine it. Lychee Juice and Vodka - Churned not stirred says their description.

Double Scoop - Lychee Martici and Dark Chocolate

Momo and I shared a double scoop of Salted Mr Brown and Mocha Mania.

Salted Mr Brown's got this sweet and salty taste which is tingles the taste receptors of your tongue. That's 2 out of the 5 taste sensation. But wait, we mixed it with Mocha Mania, which has the subtle bitterness of the coffee. Now that tickles 3 out of the 5 taste sensation on your tongue. Guess what happened? Our brains were temporarily short-circuit and we had temporary insanity! Gosh! You should try it!

Double Scoop of Mocha Mania and Salted Mr Brown

Now Tai Tai B is subtle and refine lady. She like all things light and pure, so she picked the light coloured ice cream. To make it a bit more sophisticated, a flavour with a touch of vodka will do the trick. She had a single scoop of Lychee Martini. Just nice, not too much.

Single Scoop of Lychee Martini

I am wondering... Anyone of you have an ice cream a day? If someone invents zero calories ice cream, that would be a dream come true.

The Daily Scoop (Chip Bee/Holland Village branch)
43 Jalan Merah Saga
#01-78 Chip Bee Gardens
Singapore 278115

Tel: 6457 3128

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Camemberu said...

wow i want to get short-circuited too!

Meg said...

Yum Yum.... :->

Elaine Ng. said...

to be really really honest... i eat my icecream on a daily basis, at least a scoop a day =p

Unknown said...

LOL.. i went back again yesterday.

Meg In Nelson,
Yes, yum yum....

wow! really? ;-) Do you eat from the same tub till it finishes or you go around buying different scoops everyday?

Elaine Ng. said...

usually go for a scoop (or two) from shops... but there's also 2 tubs at home for random snacking or to top on desserts.

is Mr Brown something like salted caramel? haven't tried that flavor from them yet =p

Unknown said...

2 tubs at home. you really stock up goodies at home! :-)

ya Mr Brown is salted caramel. Sweet and Salty!

I went back again, and I tried a small scoop of garlic too! yes, garlic. LOL

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