Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Lawry's The Prime Ribs @ Paragon Orchard

On Saturday, I joined Momo and her lady friends for their 'tai-tai' lunch outing. They were enticed by the Lawry's 1-for-1 promotion and that was the last day of the promotion. These ladies are meat eaters that's why they are here!

Before lunch, I was told to behave! Be polite and courteous in front of all the ladies! LOL...  

As it was halloween, the place was decorated with spiders, fake cobwebs etc. It was funny because the whole place is suppose to be very grand and proper, how can there be spiders?

The place did remind me of the dining room I ate in while I was studying in Melbourne. In fact, I think the dining room at the student residence was even more formal than this. I suddenly think of the Chef who prepared our dinners then. He was such a nice guy. Sis used to even request what to be on the menu!

Anyway, back to Lawry's. After doing all the ordering etc, we were served their famous warm homemade Limpa and Sourdough Bread. The ladies seem to like it a lot.

Fresh Warm Homemade Limpa and Sourdough Bread

Our orders includes the Famous Original Spinning Bowl Salad. (oh what a mouthful!)
Our salad was mixed by this pretty lady who gladly posed for me.

Our Spinning Salad Lady

It's beetroot salad. It's kinda nice as it was cold. Even the fork that they gave us specially for the salad was cold. Such a nice touch. I like the salad. Only 1 lady, Ant whom I think doesn't like beetroot did not really enjoy it.

Spinning Bowl Salad

One of the ladies, 'Em' is not having meat that day. She chose the Catch of the Day. Oh, it looks so nice!

Catch of the Day

Looks like Em did enjoy her meal. I just had to take the other end of the plate. ;-p

Catch of the Day

We ordered a mixed mushroom on hotplate to share. Not too bad.
But we realize if we mix it with a bit of the Lawry's mixed salt, it tasted better.

Assorted Mushroom on Hotplate

Ah... when we saw this handsome guy pushing his silver cart over, we were glad. It meant our meat's coming!

He gladly posed for me too! You know what, it was the Spinning Salad Lady who asked if I wanted to take a photo. I think all of us looked like tourist!

Our carver at his huge Silver Cart

Just before the meat's served, one of the 'ladies in serving' brought out this little cute holder with 2 kinds of horseradish. One is more 'formidable' then the other. LOL..

Horseradish - Hot and not to hot

The Yorkshire Pudding came out too! Another 'lady in waiting' cut this up into 3 parts and served it on our plates.

Yorkshire Pudding

Finally, our USDA Prime Ribs.
We all had the Singapore Cut, which is just a nice size. I can't remember how many grams it was. I wasn't paying attention to the lady. I was fiddling with my camera. ;-)

For my side veg, I had the spinach. There was also a choice of either buttered peas or creamy corn.

USDA Prime Ribs - The Singapore Cut

Quite a nice meal. The ladies were nice people to have lunch with. They were great company.
It was also great because it was a 1-for-1 deal with the DBS cards. Not sure when the next promo is, but you can check out their website. I see some new promos shown there now. After the discount, each of us paid around $50 for our meal.

Psst, I think the deal that Momo and I had at Lawry's Express at Los Angeles was better. It was a bigger cut (that both of us had to share) and it cost less than SGD50. I wonder if they will start a Lawry's Express in Singapore.

Oh yes, I behaved. I did not interrupt them while they gossip about handbags, dresses, cosmetics and holidays.

Lawry's The Prime Ribs
Paragon Orchard
290 Orchard Road
Singapore 238859

Tel: 6836 3333

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Scenes in Singapore life said...

nice the pics and description...enjoyed reading it. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Thanks P Chong.

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Your pictures are soooooo boooootiful!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, your pictures look so real!!! those food are really interesting!!! Mind to tell me what camera do you use? Thanks!

Unknown said...

Lyrical Lemongrass,

Thanks! (oops, what a late reply. haha)

Canon 500D. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Lawry's have moved to this new address:

333A Orchard Road #04-01/31
Mandarin Gallery,
Mandarin Orchard
Singapore 238897

Right now they are having some exclusive promotion on the some iphone app call "glo"

3 person high tea for 30++

More details here

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