Saturday, November 07, 2009

Feng Sheng Hainanese Chicken Rice @ Dover Food Centre

Oh, colleagues and I were suddenly craving for the chicken rice. Ya, chicken rice! We remembered the chicken rice we had at Dover Food Centre. There's just something in the sauce they pour over the chicken that somehow makes it very tasty.

We had the 'communal meal' again. We told the chicken man, oops, i mean chicken rice stall owner that we would like to have portions for 3 persons. Taken this photo from the wrong angle. It looks so little like this. But it's enough to feed 3. ;-)

The 'white' chicken is a bit too bloody to some, but it taste absolutely tender and delicious. ;-)

Mix of Roast and White Chicken

We had some century eggs as well. They pour a little sweet thai chilli sauce thingy on it.

Century Eggs

We had bean sprouts as well. We all love bean sprouts. :-) We were wondering if they peeled off the heads and tails of the sprouts themselves? Or they got it all cleaned up. That's a lot of work!

Bean Sprouts

Good Hainanese Chicken Rice needs to have good chilli sauce.
We like the chilli here, in fact, we like all the sauce! The ones the dribble on the chicken, the ones on the sprouts, I guess we are really saucy people.

Chilli and Dark Soy Sauce

The rice. Fragrant and shiny. Don't you think the rice looks beautiful?
Rice served on super used, aged stained old melamine plates somehow taste better? LOL....
(Are you one of those who can't stand old melamine plates? haha.. We don't really mind, even if it means it leaks out some melamine into our food. I wonder if it does?)

Fragrant Rice

Have a good weekend!

Feng Sheng Hainanese Chicken Rice
Dover Market and Food Centre
Stall 01-133
33 Dover Road
Singapore 130033

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ice said...

Great stomachs think alike... I was just craving for chicken rice yesterday too. And I love pidan!

Anonymous said...

Nice, I like the style with crispy skin better than the other. Yum!

Keropok Man said...

ya! great stomachs think alike. LOL

I like both! I am just being gluttony. :-p

shobs said...

went and tried this place with my colleagues today and we had 1 of each: lemon, steamed, and roast chicken. all three were great. thanks for letting me know about this place!

Keropok Man said...

you know what? i have never tried the lemon. I always eat the same chicken. :-)

glad u like that place. one colleague dislike the wet floors in front of the stall though.

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