Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Burger Shack @ King's Arcade, Bukit Timah Road

After such a long time, Sis, Momo and I finally went to try Burger Shack. (considering where we live is not that far from this shop!)

You know why it's called it a Shack when you see zinc roofing pieces being used as deco.

Burger Shack

When you get inside, you see more zinc sheets used.
It's an open concept kitchen and this place is air-conditioned, so if you here for quick bite and do not want to 'smell', sit outside :-)

Burger Shack

*** Fried Calamari ***

Fried Calamari

Their fried calamari that was served was nice. ($7.70)
It was crispy outside and it's not rubbery inside. It had a nice bite to it.

*** Original burger ***

The Original

I had the original burger. ($5.70) There was an option to make it into a regular meal (ie with fries and soft drink) with an additional $3.20.

I would say it is not very impressive. It's like how mum used to make it at home. Minced meat patty with some veggies and onions. Mum certainly makes it much better.

But their fries was nice though! Sis, Momo and I liked their fries.

*** Ramli Burger ***

Ramli Burger

Sis had the ramli burger. It looks the same as mine except it comes with an egg. ($6.20)
Sis was not at all impressed by it. She said there was nothing ramli about it.

*** Black Pepper Burger ***

Black Pepper Beef Burger

Momo had the Black Pepper burger. ($7.20)

Total bill was $30. I guess we were expecting too much when we came here. We thought of the burger we had just a few metres away, but we figured that that burger there costs 3 times more than this. The ones at Cluny Court costs more too. This must be the cheapest option. ;-p

It's a hang-out place for students from the nearby schools. The place has the same free photo printing as Island Creamery. If you like it, you can stick your photo on the wall too.

Burger Shack
559 Bukit Timah road
#01-01 King’s Arcade
Singapore 259709

Tel: 6466 3477

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Life for Beginners said...

I am glad there's always a Ramlee burger stall nearby, in front of any local 7Eleven outlet. Nothing quite like "street burgers"! :D

Anonymous said...

LOL, this is like the Burger Shack in NYC! Google it up... exactly the same layout and the way burger is served. Shall try and compare with the marvelicious one i had in NYC.

Keropok Man said...


I missed having a real ramlee burger!

Oh is it? Hmm...
Let us know after u try out this one in Spore :-)

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